Doug Mesner/ CIA Satanist Lucien Greaves Talks About Gang Stalking- So Let Us Do Just That

So let’s talk about a real life case that Mesner is involved with. The murder of Lori King.

This conversation was screen shot dirctly from YouTube…

So by Bartha’s own admission, they STALKED Lori King until she ended up dead in one of their homes… (Amber Vollotton aka Menagerie aka Critthink).

So yeah, gang stalking usually DOES turn lethal- and this fuck Mesner KNOWS this from personal experience. And since he was involved with the murder of Lori King- which was easy to figure out since “Amber” went all over bragging about it- OF COURSE he is running around lying- saying gang stalking isn’t true.

But by this groups OWN ADMISSIONS- they stalked King and she ended up dead as a result.

So since we have at least ONE DEAD BODY- obviously this can’t be dismissed as fake.

Oh, and Lori King was murdered on a Sunday- the SAME Sunday Pat Goodwin was finishing up her second conference on trauma and dissociation- and Lori King was one of the original founders of the survivor support group Ivory Garden.

Pat Goodwin is President of Ivory Garden- and the only one left standing, as BOTH of the other two founders have been murdered.

Wow- what a fucking coincidence THAT is- don’t you think? Almost seems like a threat- murdering King to try and prevent Pat from hosting more conferences…

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