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The Continuing Hoaxtead Research Gang Stalking Saga

Okay- first they put out an article that says gang stalking is fake and anyone who believes it is mentally ill. Then- a couple days later- its AUTHOR and OWNER of the blog comes out and YEAH- they are gang stalking but no one is doing anthing bad but since there are so many of […]

More of Hoaxtead Research’s Bullshit

If there is no such thing as gang stalking- according to Hoaxtead Research- what do you call what happened to Pat Goodwin and I on Amazon as we were attacked by their wolf packs HOUR UPON HOUR- FOR YEARS? And all of their videos of me- what do you call that? And all of their […]

Some Information on the Google Post About Elder Abuse by David Shurter By James Lico

James Lico has a post on Google claiming that I am guilty of elder abuse and I just wanted to put my side out there so that people get a chance to hear my side of the story. Yes, it is true that James Lico lived with me but his rendition of what occurred between […]