Some Information on the Google Post About Elder Abuse by David Shurter By James Lico

James Lico has a post on Google claiming that I am guilty of elder abuse and I just wanted to put my side out there so that people get a chance to hear my side of the story.

Yes, it is true that James Lico lived with me but his rendition of what occurred between us has very little validity. The man is completely off mentally, which was not disclosed to me when Renatta Murry compelled me to let him move in with me.

He was thrown out of his apartment before coming to live with me. Basically because he had threatened his neighbors with a gun. After coming to live with me, he disclosed that he had knocked on his neighbors door, convinced that they were tormenting him with secret microwave weapons. His neighbors reported that he was waving around a gun but Lico denied this account, claiming that he just had a gun in his pants. But by his own admission, he threatened them with a weapon.

Later on I discovered from the police that this was not a one time incident but actually went to court in Florida and was deemed to be unstable after yet another incidence where he was brandishing weapons. It is actually this case that made him ineligible to own guns, although that didn’t stop him since he brought in a plethora of guns into my house.

The night after he had me call the ambulance to take him to the hospital, the police came to my house and suggested that I might have a look in his room to see if he had weapons in his possession. Even the ambulance people found him to be mentally unstable, as they asked me about his mental condition before they took him to the hospital. After searching his room, I found two semi automatic guns in his bed, complete with loaded clips. He also had several shotguns and a semi automatic shotgun, all of which I turned over to the police. It is because of his Florida incident that they have since refused to turn the guns over to him.

He has made claims that I abused him and stole his money- but the fact is that he asked me to become his payee for his social security check because they had decided he couldn’t handle his own money due to his mental illness. I flat out refused when we were at the Kent Social Security office, and I compelled him to try and become his own payee, which they granted. If I was guilty of the things he has accused me of, I would not have denied this. It goes to show that Lico is a liar.

He no longer lives with his next roommate as she discovered the same mental instability that I saw and she had him move out because she was afraid of him. He flat out refused to move until people were called to check on him in the house and he became paranoid that she was trying to have him committed. One only has to check out his blog to see how paranoid he is and how mentally unstable he is.

He spies on his neighbors, convinced that they are all working for the government and tormenting him with secret microwave weapons. He had bought cameras and had them all over her house, and since he had tried to have sex with her several times, she was convinced this was not to track the strangers that he was claiming were coming into his house but rather to film her. She, like myself, became increasingly scared of him and it took an inordinate amount of effort to get him out of her house.

The man also physically accosted me in the house that he moved to after I threw him out, compelling me to call the police and make a report. I believe, as do many others, including the police, that he is threat to those unfortunate to be around him. I assure everyone that neither I nor any of my neighbors were doing anything to him, and after moving in with his last female roommate, he began to blog about how HER neighbors were doing the same thing. Lico has a tendency to yell at people that do not exist, claiming that these invisible people are his handlers that are inundating him with secret microwave weapons.

He also murdered her dog. He hated the year and a half small dog, and after going to the store and leaving him alone with her dog, she came home to her puppy dead. Lico was the only one home with the dog, who was completely healthy when she left, and her friend who was with her also felt that Lico had killed the dog because of the way he acted. A man who can kill a puppy can do just about anything, and he has no concept of anyone other than himself.

I do not regret throwing Lico out of my house. He is completely unstable and though he claims all of this education, the fact is that his two degrees are simple associate degrees. He is NOT what he presents himself to be and I found him to be a complete whack job. Obviously considering what he went through in Florida, I am far from the only one. The police here also found him to be completely crazy, which is why they dismissed his demands to constantly be let back in my house.

I am not worried about what he says about me. They are lies and he has no grasp of reality, as the world is not out to get him and he is not being persecuted by anyone but himself and his own sick mind. In fact he has admitted that he came to the conclusion that he is a targeted individual and is being tormented by the government after reading about it online.

This is really all I have to say about it. But I wanted my side presented since he has my name associated with his rants. The police have told both me and his last roommate that they are glad he is gone as they believed him to be a time bomb. Of course, according to Lico, we are all part of the same conspiracy that the world has against him. Of course, the only person who is making his life a living hell looks back at him every time he looks in the mirror.

I am actually well liked and well respected in my community and church. Regardless what the self professed TI has to say about it. People like Lico give real targeted individuals a bad name and those who are interested only have to check out his blog to see how far off mentally this man actually is.

I threw him out because he was drawing line of sight maps on my neighbors, all of who Lico was convinced were out to get him. As I see it, no one is interested in this man, which is probably why he has the mental issues that he does. The only thing I would have done differently in the situation between Lico and I was preventing him to come into my home in the first place. This is probably the same thought everyone and anyone who lives with this fruitcake has.

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