With Regards to the Attacks on Me on Google…

I have been researching arguments against sexual abuse today have come to the conclusion that denying the stories of survivors of childhood sexual abuse is nothing more than protecting and supporting pedophiles.

This is a recent video of a couple of children detailing their abuse in the UK. Because it involves allegations of satanic ritual abuse, there are some who are calling it a hoax, claiming that the children are lying. As far as I can tell- NO investigation have been done to check out the validity of their claims, and in fact they have been run out of their town because the powers that be want to prosecute them for saying such things.

I find it really disturbing that there are collections of people who make blanket statements that anyone who claims such abuse are liars and making everything up. There is a collection of people like this on Amazon- who I call the “pedophile protection squad”, who- claiming they are trying to prevent a witch hunt- blatantly go against any and all survivors and, as a group- go around discrediting what they have to say.

I have dealt with this for close to a decade now myself now, and have come against these people time and time again. Hell- you only have to
goggle my name to come against absurd accusations aimed at me in hopes to keep anyone listening to what I have to say about the things that were happening in Omaha, NE. I am hardly the only one who had knowledge of what was happening there- you can see that by Gary Caradori’s Lead Witness List the proof of that….


Following are individuals who should be contacted in that they have direct or indirect knowledge of the issues at hand:

Anita Adams

Involved in prostitution while attending Central High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Alleged to have a video tape with confessions of Larry King.

Keith Allerton

A resident of Council, Bluffs, Iowa. Catered the Republican Party event hosted by Larry King in New Orleans, LA, in 1988.

Alfie Allen

Friend and/or lover of Larry King. Mr. King rented an apartment at the Twin Towers and Alfie Allen resided there. Present at many parties. Larry King allegedly purchased or leased a Mercedes Benz for this subject.

Jim Allen

Individual alleged by Gary Lee Vincent to have exploited him sexually. See Exhibit VID-III for the video taped allegations.

Harold Andersen

Alleged sexual exploitation of male minors. Omaha World-Herald executive. Residence telephone [REDACTED]. Business telephone [REDACTED]. A letter was remitted to Mr. Anderson to set up an interview. See Exhibit X-1. Also see Exhibits VID-1, VID-II, VID-III, and VID-IV.

Mark Anderson

Currently incarcerated for involvement with child pornography.

Bob Andreson

Employee of Union Pacific Railroad. Alleged to have sexually exploited male minors. Alleged to have a child pornography collection. Alleged to have attempted to pick up young boys. A letter was remitted to Mr. Andreson in an attempt to set up an interview. See Exhibit X-2. Home address: [REDACTED] Street, Ralston, Nebraska, telephone [REDACTED]. Residence identified by Danny King. See Exhibit PH-2. For allegations see Exhibits VID IV and VID VI.

Naila Aschenbrunner

Student Placement Officer for the Omaha Public Schools. May have knowledge regarding Peter Citron. Business Address: [REDACTED] Street, Omaha, Nebraska.

Alan Baer

Executive of the former Brandeis Stores. Alleged to have sexually exploited male minors. Alleged to be involved with illegal drug use and drug trafficking. A letter was recently remitted to Mr. Baer in an attempt to set up an interview. See Exhibit X-3. Please not that I had met with Mr. Baer and his attorney several months ago. Business Address: [REDACTED] Street, Omaha, Nebraska. Business telephone [REDACTED]. For allegations see Exhibits VID-I, II, IV, V, and VI.

PDF of the original

Scott Baker

Possible victim of satanic cult abuse.

Ray Barger

Alleged to have been sexually exploited by Keith Carter. Ray is a relative to Gary Lee Vincent, and alleged to have introduced Gary Lee Vincent to Keith Carter. May possibly be incarcerated. For allegations see Exhibit VID-III.

Joe Barker III

Insurance executive at Massachusetts Mutual. Larry Kind was a client of Joe Barker, and allegedly attended parties. Larry Kind is alleged to have put a large amount of money into an insurance policy prior to the closing of the Franklin Credit Union. Business telephone [REDACTED].

William Barlow

Minister at Grace Apostolic Church located at [REDACTED] Street, Omaha, Nebraska. Alleged to have counseled individuals abused by Larry King. Has been interviewed and information was remitted to Reverend Barlow, however, he remained uncooperative. A letter was remitted to Reverend Barlow in an attempt to set up an interview. See Exhibit X-4. Business telephone [REDACTED], Residence telephone [REDACTED].

Mary Barrett

Concerned citizen of Omaha, Nebraska. Has remitted information regarding this case. Residence telephone [REDACTED]. See Exhibit X-5.

Andrew Baran

Photographer employed by Larry King. Possibly involved with child pornography. Has been interviewed, however, stated that he has no knowledge. Address: [REDACTED] Street, #1, Omaha, Nebraska, telephone [REDACTED].

Marie Bastian

Individual who has information regarding the Franklin Credit Union and/or child sexual exploitation. See Joel Rogers transcript Exhibit X-6.

Brenda Bau

Possible victim of satanic cult abuse.

Ronnie Blankenship

An alleged drug dealer who formally associated with Willie Theisen. May be willing to cooperate due to a fallout with Willie Theisen.

Troy Boner

Victim of exploitation. For allegations and statements see video taped statements which is marked Exhibits III, IV, V, and VII.

Sam Bonofede

Omaha businessman. Friend of Gary Sorgenfrei. Has been interviewed. Business telephone [REDACTED]. See Exhibit AUD II and AUD IJ.

Merl Boolman

Assistant to Bill Baker who was killed in South Omaha. (Bill Baker allegedly had pornographic photographs and videotapes.) Mr. Boolman may reside in an apartment located above the Dining Car Restaurant located at 10th and Pacific Street. Also alleged to be a good friend of Larry King’s.

Anne Boyle

Wife of Mike Boyle. Alleged to have information regarding this investigation, however, it was also alleged that her husband does not want her to get involved because of the alleged perpetrators involved. Business telephone [REDACTED]; Residence telephone [REDACTED].

Mike Boyle

Former Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. Larry King may have made a substantial contribution to his election campaign in 1981, which amount may have been published in the Omaha World-Herald. Residence telephone [REDACTED].

Ellen Brokofsky

Sarpy County Probation Officer for juvenile court who alleges that there was a cover up regarding the investigation of a school teacher, Michael Heveron, in Papillion, Nebraska. Also alleged a connection with the Oak Hills Country Club and child sexual exploitation.

Robert Broom

An attorney alleged by Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Morris to have information regarding this investigation. Address: [REDACTED] Street, Suite 310, Omaha, Nebraska. Business telephone [REDACTED].

Darwyn Buechler

May have been sexually involved with Larry King. Also has a roommate who may have been involved sexually with Larry King. Address: [REDACTED], Omaha, Nebraska. DOB 8/17/64.

Tina Bufford

Former resident of Uta Halee. Possible victim of sexual exploitation and satanic cult abuse.

Christi Burchel

Friend of Shawnetta Moore.

Rod Byers

Introduced Troy Boner to Alan Baer and is aware that Troy was exploited sexually by Alan Baer. Rod was possibly also sexually exploited.

Shelia Calder

Former employee of the French Cafe. Arranged parties hosted by Larry King with the children. Currently residing in Tacoma, Washington. See Exhibit AUD IA.

Judy Carroll

Former employee of the Franklin Credit Union.

Dennis Carlson

Former Vice Chairman of the Foster Care Review Board. Was instrumental in bringing to light allegations of child abuse in 1988. Business telephone [REDACTED]. See Exhibit X-7.

Judge Theodore Carlson

District Judge who allegedly sexually exploited Alisha Owens. Business address: Hall of Justice, 17th and Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska. A letter was remitted to Judge Carlson in an attempt to set up an interview (See Exhibit X-8) For allegations see Exhibits VID-I, II, and III.

Walter Carlson

Formally incarcerated for sexual abuse of children. Paroled in February of 1989. Address [REDACTED] Omaha, Nebraska.

Chris Carmean

Omaha Police Officer who originally interviewed Shawnetta Moore. Business telephone [REDACTED] See Exhibit X-9 for the police reports. Please note that Bob Wadman immediately removed Chris Carmean from the case.

Those who argue the validity of my claims online- as you can tell, are out to do nothing but smear me personally. This is an attempt to prevent anyone from listening to what I have been saying. Google my name and these articles come up…


Written by a man who has severe mental issues himself. Almost everything he has said are lies and exaggerations, and he is just angry that I threw him out of my house for possessing weapons illegally and targeting my neighbors. The article below this one talks about him and his last roommates experiences- like the fact that he killed her puppy- that shows this guy is a fruitcake.


A discussion on Amazon- started by an anon named Karmakaze- that was so hateful and false that Amazon actually removed the whole conversation. Basically because this was only set up as an attack against me.


This was written by the False Memory Foundation’s spokesperson, who is a self proclaimed satanist and founder of a satanic church who has gone around the country filing lawsuits in order to distribute satanic literature to children. His reply at the end of this crap is full of lies- directed at me- giving false details about my life. This reply doesn’t even make sense as this is what was said…

David Shurter graduated from high school in 1985. He left home as soon as he could.
When David Shurter lived in Graettinger he spent a few months in the Cherokee Mental Hospital. He was about 15-16 and also spent time with his mother in Auburn, NE somewhere around early 1983 (it was either early 1983 or late 1982) . In that time the deputy of the town detained him as he had no supervision and was “running the streets wild”. David Shurter lived in Graettinger until 1987 when we moved back to Omaha with his stepmother and father.. Nothing more than lies and conjecture- Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves contradicts himself as you can see. This article was written just to attempt to trash me.

Oh, and Graettinger was a town of 900 people and main street consisted of two blocks of commercial places so i have to wonder what streets was i running? The town didn’t, and still DOESN’T even have one traffic light, so this, like the rest of it, makes absolutely no sense and AGAIN are just idiot lies to try and make me seem like something that I’m not. Of course, having no idea what he is talking about, the self proclaimed satanist has NO IDEA what he is talking about.


A woman by the name of Kara- who lives in an RV, wrote this She is just mad because I threw her out of my house after I discovered she was secretly recording me for several days. Not that I care if someone records me, but done in the underhanded way she did it- I felt she couldn’t be trusted. Now she is asserting that I am trying to set myself up as some sort of God and want to start my own cult.

The lies out there are outrageous- and truly pathetic. But I am not alone. There are people who go out of their way to do this to EVERY SURVIVOR WHO COME FORWARD.

I just want to share the info out there and basically tell my dissenters who want to claim that they know me personally to get a life. I did what I did- writing Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story, setting up a blog, and doing YouTube videos- to get the truth out there- and those who claim otherwise are lying. Honestly- doing this has been NOTHING BUT a hassle in my life- and so to say that I benefit in any way doing so is another lie. Speaking out as a survivor is pretty much a thankless effort. The only thing it attracts are dissenters who attack you personally with lies and allegations. This group of pedophile protectors can claim a lot- but they can PROVE NOTHING. How do you prove lies? And using Doug Mesner’s reply on his own blog entry- they can’t even stop from contradicting themselves with their own lies.

I just decided to show this today- and basically have three words for this group. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

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