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This is An Interesting Complaint about the Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves

Karmakaze on Amazon claims that all satanists are law abiding citizens- and yet this pic landed Mesner in quite a bit of trouble… I guess public displays such as this are okay according to Karmakaze- who knows more about Mesner than anyone I have ever met. This is a good example of what the satanist […]

Amazon Conversations with Karmakaze about the Two Children Who Claim to Be Satanically Ritually Abused in the UK

Just to let people know- the article that was published on was obviously edited, as the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad does just about as much as it can to distance itself with Doug Mesner. However, as Karmakaze- now calling himself O’Karma the Lowly Leprechaun has said- he is well acquainted with Mesner and […]