Amazon Conversations with Karmakaze about the Two Children Who Claim to Be Satanically Ritually Abused in the UK

Just to let people know- the article that was published on

was obviously edited, as the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad does just about as much as it can to distance itself with Doug Mesner. However, as Karmakaze- now calling himself O’Karma the Lowly Leprechaun has said- he is well acquainted with Mesner and also the author of this article as well. Of course they all claim they are not connected- but if that is so- how do they know so many personal things about each other. It is obvious to me that they are not strangers.

And Mesner named himself after the ISSTD- a group he has actively gone against? I don’t believe this for a minute- but, since Karmakaze is obviously so well acquainted with the satanist Lucien Greaves/Doug Mesner- I guess he would know better than I.

Conversation on Amazon on 22 Faces with Karmakaze

O’Karma the Lowly Leprechaun29 minutes ago
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No one has ever said the kids in these situations are liars, David. Your inability to be honest doesn’t say much for your credibility.

The kids are coerced with questioning techniques that are proven to extract false statements. The kids give the answers the adults want to hear. It’s not their fault, but the fault of the incompetent people treating them.

The Kellers were released when similar “proof” was later found to be sorely lacking. Hopefully no one will suffer false imprisonment this time, and if abuse has occurred, hopefully the individuals will be held accountable.

You don’t seem to understand, David, that every time you shoe-horn a real crime (assuming this is such a case) into your SRA conspiracy theory, you’re giving the abusers an easy “out”. You give them an excuse to fall back on, and you’re complicit in defaming a stigmatized group (law-abiding Satanists) due to your own bigotry and prejudice.

Stop blaming imaginary murderous cults for the acts of lone individuals, David.


LoessJedi13 minutes ago
Oh I see. These kids are being forced to lie. I see.

It is just one big conspiracy I guess. The only ones telling the truth is your side. all the rest of us are lying. Or being forced to lie.

Funny how you know so much about this situation yet are in NO WAY personally involved

O’Karma the Lowly Leprechaun10 minutes ago
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By the way, David, as usual, I noticed several errors in one of your recent blog posts:

1] the owner of the Kevin Annett blog doesn’t seem to have any relation at all the FMSF, and the only connection they have to SRA accounts is Kevin Annett himself, and Judy Byington, who had the terrible judgement to publicly connect herself to him.

2] You said: “Doug Mesner is also included in this article.”

Where? Is this your obsession kicking in? (And by the way, there was only one Rick Scott rally, not two)

3] You said: “Col. Michael Aquino- who is founder of Temple of Set. Aquino is the real icon that lead to the forming of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation”

Oh, David. You do so much more to discredit yourself than any SRA skeptic ever could.

4] You said: ” I also think that it is prudent to mention that Doug Mesner giving himself the name “Greaves” derives from an author by the name of Philip R. Greaves”

I think it’s actually an homage to George Greaves, the first president of the ISSTD.

I need to stop here — I can’t make a full time job of pointing out the numerous blatant distortion of facts you engage in on constant basis. I can only suggest that when you care so little about the truth, you do immense harm to whatever cause you pretend to support.

LoessJedi8 minutes ago
You claim that I have an agenda and yet you are the one calling anyone and everyone who comes forward liars. and anyone can watch the video and see they are telling the truth. The only ones who think they are Lying are you satanists. And classifying any group in an all or nothing fashion, as you are claiming that all satanists are law abiding, is ridiculous. How could you possibly know for certain that any group, esp. Satanists, are all completely law abiding? You can’t, but it doesn’t stop you from proclaiming it.

LoessJedi5 minutes ago
Lol, whatever. you have more than just me to worry about. but I find it interesting that you seem to know so much about Doug mesner, who is specifically spoken about in the article. People only need to read that to see it.

And if the author isn’t part of your group – then how do you know so much about the author?

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