A Correction about Kenneth Lanning and His Report on Satanism

Today I woke up to a comment aimed at me by Karmakaze- who is, I believe, a paid government troll who focuses on attacking survivors online. He corrected me about Kenneth Lanning and the fact that he actually WAS an FBI agent under George H. W. Bush when he wrote his report denying satanic ritual abuse in America. I had said that he was retired, however I was mistaken.

Karmakaze NEVER focuses on the things I have reported about Omaha, and the fact that the American national media reported that the child trafficking that was happening at the time went straight up to the first Bush White House, I obviously am not incorrect about the things that I have written about in my book. The fact that Kenneth Lanning was working for Bush Sr. suggests that the report was probably nothing more than a smoke screen in order to prevent the public from focusing on what was happening at the time. Obviously the republican party was invested in keeping things surrounding Omaha quiet- as they are the ones who paid the Discovery Channel $500,000 to keep them from airing the British documentary “A Conspiracy of Silence” the day that it was suppose to be on television. There was a CONCERTED EFFORT to keep the crimes of Omaha away from public scrutiny, and the history shows this.

Most people who hear about the American government investigating themselves chuckle- as it seems completely ludicrous. Kenneth Lanning was directed by George Bush Sr. to write his report- and it is no wonder that it says what it did. Of course, anyone who just accepts the findings in this report are being naive in my opinion, as there are a great deal many more facts- esp. with Omaha- that show that there are discrepancies with the report.

However, I like to admit it when I make a mistake- and so I am doing so now. It is my opinion that Lannings report is more suspect NOW- considering who it was he was working for, than it was when I was under the impression that he was retired. But I have to thank the Amazon anon Karmakaze for pointing out my mistake. It seems that the government paid trolls that I have been fighting against on Amazon have a tendency to keep me on my toes. Because of him, I find the report on satanism that Kenneth Lanning wrote EVEN MORE SUSPECT than I have in the past.

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