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They Are Microwaving Me to Death to Shut Me down

What Has Been Happening Has Been Difficult- To Say The VERY Least

The Movie “Sound of Freedom” is Just “Satanic Panic”All Over Again-Some Truth Mixed With A LOT of BS Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

After YEARS of Trying- I Just Recovered This Account. I’m Still Here- Still Fighting the Pedophile Protection Squad

After YEARS of Trying- I Just Recovered This Account. I’m Still Here- Still Fighting the PPS In This Video I Speak About Max Spiers, Lori King, and Issac Kappy- And Why I’m Focused As I Am

They Are Killing Me With Their Directed Energy Weapons

It has been incredibly bad the past 48 hours. It is loud, it’s burning my skin, and my chest hurts. And the people involved- which I includes the person driving a Sheriff’s vehicle, seem totally focused on my house. They don’t like that I’m speaking out. I don’t like that they are working for and […]

This Will Be The Last Video I Am Going to Do for the Foreseeable Future

  This is a screen shot of Shane Bugbee’s article. Shane was co founder of the Satanic Temple along with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, until Mr. Bugbee left. Here is why, in his own words… And just for the record- I’ve neither reached out too nor have I ever spoken to […]

Death is Coming- and Not Just for Me

I Almost Passed Out on My Floor This Morning So Something Tells Me that For ME this is Almost Over

There is Something About Myself that I Probably Should Have Explained a Long Long Time Ago

I probably shouldn’t have waited till now lol This is, by far, the longest video I’ve made thus far on this channel. THIS is ALSO me- before they broke into my account and locked me out of it… Officer Rylee was all down for showing up at my front door to find out where […]

For What It’s Worth-ABC News Just Reported that the CIA Has Released a Report on the Havana Syndrome

As for the second part of this video, this is what I’ll say. People nowadays are NOT going crazy. What they are is becoming AUTHENTIC. They’re showing who they’ve always been and as such, things are starting to become much more interesting.