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Death is Coming- and Not Just for Me

I Almost Passed Out on My Floor This Morning So Something Tells Me that For ME this is Almost Over

There is Something About Myself that I Probably Should Have Explained a Long Long Time Ago

I probably shouldn’t have waited till now lol This is, by far, the longest video I’ve made thus far on this channel. THIS is ALSO me- before they broke into my account and locked me out of it… Officer Rylee was all down for showing up at my front door to find out where […]

For What It’s Worth-ABC News Just Reported that the CIA Has Released a Report on the Havana Syndrome

As for the second part of this video, this is what I’ll say. People nowadays are NOT going crazy. What they are is becoming AUTHENTIC. They’re showing who they’ve always been and as such, things are starting to become much more interesting.  

My Personal Experiences With Their Directed Energy Weapons

      Here are some of my experiences with these directed energy weapons… Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons and the extended version of Rabbit Hole which  speak about… The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ And here is a little bit about […]

New Communication With My Local Law Enforcement

Just keeping it above board…

A Video Talking About My Training as a Child and What I Did With It as an Adult    

New Video April 16 2022

Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons

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This “Havana Syndrome” BS DOESN’T Originate From Cuba and is The US Government’s D.E.W. BS

D.E.W. = Directed Energy Weapons. Our government owns the patents. The fact that our media lies about it and acts like they don’t know what it is is one of the reasons why people don’t trust the media. It is a torture device they are using to torture and shut up dissenters- straight out of […]