They Seem to Be Using Controlled Opposition Against Lift the Veil Concerning Targeted Individuals

Nathan took this video down right after it was filmed largely due to an online confrontation between the two of us where I told him they were sending him controlled opposition in order to discredit Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and in the process- him as well. However- he put it back up and I am glad he did.

Now I can show what I am talking about.

There are a myriad of problems with this story. First, the cops wouldn’t film themselves setting someone up in a holding cell- trying to get him to take cocaine.

Secondly- and more important- they wouldn’t release this video of them doing such- incriminating themselves – to the TI they were trying to set up.

At the end of this video- the guy says you can either believe him or believe he is a paranoid coke head (as he claimed he is taking medication for paranoia- although not once does he seem to have problems with mental illness). My impression is that he is hoping you will do the latter.

Why? Because in doing so he hopes you will throw the baby out with the bathwater and disbelieve ALL TI’s. It is the game of controlled opposition.

The most telling for me though was the comments in the chat. Those who have gone out of their way to discredit MY targeting SUPPORTED him while trashing me- claiming I talk about “magic talking rocks”- which I haven’t.

In Algona WA- during this targeting of me- I suddenly found 12 rocks planted throughout my yard that were not there before.

They were neither magic nor did they talk- but on all of them- who had a large exposed surface- they had this weird metallic mold all over them.

I found the SAME mold painted on the tops of my air conditioner vents. And ONLY on the tops of the vents. Mold doesn’t grow like that as it doesn’t just grow on a specific area.

I believe this metallic mold amplified and helped whatever weapon they were using against me.

In fact- a year ago last March and April – I lost over a 100 lbs- but after discovering and removing these rocks- and removing the mold from my window air conditioning that was in my bedroom- I stopped losing weight and gained back immediately most of the weight I had lost.

This man in the video never once speaks about any weaponry- weaponry that there are myriads of laws against- including in Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan and which in 2006 NBC reported that the Air Force had gone in front of Congress and told them these directed energy weapons exist and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they are safe.

However, considering it is 2018 and these weapons are still a ” conspiracy theory”, obviously they aren’t safe.

Despite some objections I am going to continue speaking out until I am no longer able to do so. We must take a stand against evil- and this is mine.

God compells us to do so and I for one am going to answer His call.

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