“They” Don’t Like Me Talking About the Mold They Are Using in Conjunction With Their DEW Weapons

They dislike me speaking about the weird metallic mold they use with their DEW weapons. It amplified their weapon- and I found it both on the top of my bedroom air conditioning vents and on cement pieces planted in my yard on 12 pieces surrounding my house. This is important.

A year ago last March and April- I lost over 100 lbs until discovering the mold on these rocks and my air conditioning vents. After removing the rocks and mold- I regained the weight back almost immediately.

I don’t know how these weapons work exactly- but I know this metallic looking mold is a part of it. And I know these weapons are real and being used on American citizens.

Despite all the evidence showing these weapons are real- they wish to keep these weapons considered a conspiracy. As of yet- they are still considered a conspiracy.

Let me remind you of one name- Aaron Alexis- also known as the ship yard shooter who carved “ELF” on his rifle before killing a bunch of people. ELF stood for “electro low frequency” which is a big factor in these weapons.

There are laws against the use of these weapons worldwide- including in Maine, Massachusetts, and Michigan – and yet when they were used on people in the U.S. embassies in both Cuba and China- our media acted like magic was used on these people- when a simple Google search would have shown what the true cause was.

The question obviously is why. Why were they “unable” to ascertain the truth of what happened? And why didn’t they report the truth of what really happened?

And why are these weapons still secret- despite NBC reporting that the Air Force went in front of Congress in 2006 and said these weapons existed and they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they are safe.

That was in 2006- Aaron Alexis did what he did in 2012. So do you think the victims he murdered believed these weapons were safe.

Something tells me no- they didn’t.

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