The Game is to Associate Child Abuse with Something That Can Be Discredited to Discredit It All

This is a new NBC article:

How Three Conspiracy Theorists Took “Q” and Made Qanon

The game is always the same – wrap the truth in a bunch of lies in order to discredit everything. But it is strange how similar Qanon works compared to Pokémon Go- that video game that enthralled the world.

Riddles by anonymous posters is not something that should be taken as gospel in my opinion.

This child trafficking situation encompasses much more than Hillary Clinton and Hollywood. In Omaha in the 80s it was the Republicans that were called out. But the truth is that if they expose one aspect- the other is allowed to continue unabated. Thus the business is allowed to continue and the money coming in from child trafficking never stops.

Controlled opposition is rampent- and the objective is to allow them to become totally associated with the situation and then discredit them- which in turn discredits everything they are involved with.

Why not? It has been successful every single time in the past so why not stick with what works.

Hillary’s emails have become completely associated with Russian hacks so now the focus is off what was in those emails to who hacked them. However- if they were hacked- wouldn’t that denote the emails are real? And if they are real- why is there no focus on what was in them?

There are many victims of this mess and many of us have been outspoken- and yet these new “champions” seem that all of this is new and that they- and they alone- have been the first to expose it, completely ignoring the myriads of victims that proceeded them.

In my opinion this is suspect all in of itself. It seems disingenuous at best and completely deceptive at it’s core.

This mess has come out before- and every time it has gotten contained. Whether that happens this time remains to be seen- but it is working out the same as always- so for someone who has been caught in this mess all my life- it is difficult not to remain completely skeptical.

And my skepticism is not based on opinions but rather experience.

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