I Was Warned Years Ago What I Would Face If I Chose to Do What I Have

Years ago, at the very beginning of what I have spent years trying to expose, I was given a warning as to what I would face.

I woke IN a dream with a friend of mine’s husband before me. I knew this man to be a pedophile and there was a blue beam emanating from me which was going into him.

I could see it was causing him discomfort so, in the dream, I intensified it- lifting him off the ground about 4 feet.

All of a sudden, I saw his feet burst into flames and for some reason I looked down at my own feet to realize mine were ALSO on fire.

It was at this point that I was spun 180 degrees around and I was standing before our Father who told me “This will be the cost of what you are doing” .

Without a second of hesitation I replied “If it saves the children, so be it” and turned to complete what I was doing and that is when I woke up.

Even now, years later, I remember this dream with such clarity that I know this dream was both a test AND a warning.

So now that I am being attacked with these directed energy weapons I am not surprised. What I AM surprised by is that I am still standing.

Throughout all of this I have lost over a hundred lbs in the span of two months- only to immediately regain the weight after discovering and eliminating what I figured was doing it.

I have woke with my face completely swollen due to these weapons- despite the fact it has never happened before and I am not allergic to anything.

I fight headaches that I have never had before and constant heart palpitations although tests have shown my heart is strong and healthy.

The victims in both the Cuban and Chinese embassies suffered brain trauma- but that is one thing I HAVEN’T suffered, nor have I dropped from a heart attack or stroke- which is the usual result from having these weapons turned on people.

For whatever reason I believe God- although not stopping the attacks- has spared me the brunt force of them. I guess it is that whole “no weapon used against me shall prosper” promise.

Dealing with all of this has so not been easy and yet, throughout all this it has only INCREASED my faith.

I truly believe there are situations that fighting are worth more than our life at the moment. I believe Heaven sounds a call and it is up to us to answer it- despite the consequences.

Serving the Word is worth the cost and though we were never promised it would be easy- we WERE promised it would be worth it.

And I TRULY believe my sacrifice- which has been difficult beyond belief- WILL be worth it as, at the moment I come face to face with God I can say- without any doubt- that I tried my very best to stand for God and the Word he gave us.

Sometimes offering up your life is required to fight evil. For me- this is one of those moments.

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