They Are Again Going After My Dogs in Hopes It Makes Me Drop

They know I am disabled with PTSD- and so they are hoping the stress over the fear of losing my dogs, in conjunction with their weapon, makes me drop.

There is obvious evidence these weapons exist- and any one who Google my name can see there is a concerted effort to defame me in hopes no one listens to me.

These people KNOW the law- and they are able to effectively manipulate it to use it against anyone who speaks out. I am not the first nor the only one they have done this too.

And who is going to stop them? The police? The FBI? Politicians? The media? So far they have done NOTHING but manipulate the truth to further their agenda.

They have ZERO interest in helping to expose anything that doesn’t benefit them. I know this personally- as I have reached out to all of them for years for help and every attempt has been in vain.

Money and position are the only things these groups care about. And they CERTAINLY don’t give any care about the truth.

I took a stand and though I am probably going to be decimated as a result- the one saving grace in all of this is that I can honestly say I am NOTHING like them.

I have integrity, compassion, and a fierce love for something other than myself- something NOT ONE of them can claim.

Oh and they are trying to do their best to break into my blog.

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