We Survivors Are Joining Together and Are Gaining Immeasurable Support

Despite the controlled opposition that is set against survivors in order to try and discredit us- our voices are finally gaining momentum as we have finally began to join forces in order to stop this deplorable practice of child trafficking. As a result we are gaining world wide support.

The game for them has always been to isolate and harm us in order to keep us disenfranchised and quiet- keeping us in constant strife and struggling to defend what little life we have.

This situation with the town of Earling trying to take away my emotional support dogs is a good example.

However- now that survivors voices are gaining momentum- doing so in secret, as has always been the case in the past- has become impossible.

And you don’t have to take my word for it as you can see by the mayor’s email to me that secretcy was a large part of this.

But hurting survivors in secret has become a thing of the past. As has the protection of those who would abuse children.

Our voices are finally being heard and these historical practices of damaging us in secret have ended- as all of the darkness is being drawn out into the light and exposed.

The pedophile protection squad has always been organized so it is fitting that survivors join forces in order to get the truth out.

And as this has happened- it has become obvious that people not only care but are against the pain and suffering that victims have had to endure.

God is answering his promises- despite the actions of those who would seek to suppress this. And those who engage in this practice do so at their own folly.

We survivors and our advocates AREN’T any threat, but I think God may be another story all together.

And since children are God’s favorites- perhaps joining the pedophile protection squad is not such a good idea.

Just saying…

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