Targeted Individuals as Perps

This past Sunday- while my ex roommate James Lico new roommate was over here “mending bridges” with me- James Lico was instant messaging my older sister on Facebook- giving her a link to click on so that she could listen to Renata Murray’s Sunday Talkshoe show.

Funny- James Lico has written a lot of disparaging things about me- accusing me of “elder abuse” while demanding to come back and live in my house. James was sent to me by Renata Murray- who, although I am not racist at all- fits the stereotype of a loud mouth opinionated uneducated black woman to a tee. Involving herself with people she has never met- from what I understand she has had quite a bit to say about me on her show. Funny- both Renata and James Lico’s roommate and I once called themselves my friends- but when I no longer fit the parameters of what they wanted from me- turned on me like jackals to cause as many issues as they could for me.

My sis has absolutely no interest in James Lico- as she has talked to him on the phone and believes he is psychotic. I lived with the man and had to turn in his arsenal of guns and loaded magazines to the police after he was making threats about my neighbors- who he was convinced were secret CIA agents inundating him with secret microwave weapons in order to hurt him and make him into some sort of Manchurian candidate remotely. My sis refers to the as the “totally insane” community as they are convinced that everyone is out to get them. Renata spurs and encourages this type of thinking on her small talkshoe program every Sunday. She is effective in the brainwashing of the inept, I must say- but some of us- including myself- would rather she keep her big mouth out of our lives and think she would be better off trying to figure out how to stop her own perps rather than trying to solve the problems of everyone else- esp. as uneducated as she is. I bring her up because her name got mentioned several times when James Lico’s roommate came over last Sunday as James himself was trying to access my sister for whatever reason.

There ARE targeted individuals out there to be sure- but for the most part- esp. those on FFCHS, another Talkshoe show on Saturdays, as well as Renata’s call on Sunday- it consists of people like James Lico who just found the condition on the internet and then convinced himself that he was on of the chosen. Most people are NOT that special- and James certainly isn’t.

I do not appreciate James trying to access my Twitter account, my Linked In account- and every other account he has tried to access in the past couple months. For being a targeted individual- he certainly knows how to target others- but then I think that he is being coached by Renata- who was a proud member of FFCHS (Freedom from covert harassment and surveillance). All of these programs are a joke- and generally just want info or- like FFCHS- money- from the people they supposedly serve. Me- I want nothing to do with the drama. James Lico- if he wants his guns back- should go to the police who refuse to give them back to him- and not to me or my sis- who both think he is loony tunes. As far as his little group- they can go on and talk all they want- but from what I know they have their own issues and I am far from being one for them in comparison. I wish they would leave me alone- and crawl back under whatever T.I. rock they crawled out from under.

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