Living in the End Times- Could It Also Be New Beginnings?

A new day is being herald in and whether that be a good thing or bad is philosophical at this point as it is coming upon us regardless. Some say that these are the end times- and that we are all doomed to fail as societies tip over but I worry that this has become some sort of self fulfilling mantra that is focusing us on accepting a fractured and broken future by way of capacitive aggressiveness that is passive as well as explosive at times. Times are what we make of them- and by way of the rules of Law of Attraction- we bring to ourselves that which defines us as individuals- be that chaos or peace. If we are negative, it will influence our sight to see that which is negative to help manifest what we believe to become true. Same as true with peace and tranquility. With Buddha in mind, it isn’t that the way of life will get easier or harder- rather it is our perspective to those positive things in life that brings the gift of abundance, and the gratitude we show for what we already have. We draw to ourselves that which we have in mind, and generally will speak out loud what we have inside our heads- so it is a cycle that can either be fed through apathy and weakness, or focused and maintained with a sense of gratefulness and acceptance with a focus on perceptions to that which happens around us.

That does not mean that injustice and focus on the negative is ignored- as we are all experiencing the repercussions of a world that is failing morally and spiritually. Glorifying all the things that are ripping our consciousness and character apart- this “anything goes” mentality is unhealthy and, although there are those who would argue against me- is nothing more than a slow boiling ride into damnation as our myths of mankind are taken and perverted so that good is bad and bad is good. The Devil- and the deep rooted mythology withstanding as a champion of lies and chaos, celebrating and glorifying through a statue of Baphomet with two children giving adoration to the Devil in Oklahoma City, is basically an abomination to those of us who have gone through the depths of hell and had to fight to get to the other side all our lives as a result. It is mocking those who have suffered at the hands of those people who have worshiped the Dark side and all that dwells within it while promoting a lie all in an of itself. Those who involve children in the dark for dark purposes are doing nothing more than manifesting to help further manifest bringing out the darkness in the victims as they generally begin the journey of re victimization afterwards- if not on ourselves then on others. As such- it takes a huge amount of refocusing and maintaining a positive focus on life and that things will work out if we let God and and the Universe help us help ourselves become better than we are today.

This does not include a hedonistic, narcissist based, accentuated greed focused reality we have made thus far. That means being our brother’s keeper- and helping each other when we can with no compunctions about payback while we help. This, on the other hand, does involve each of us to become grateful as God loves a happy giver- thus directing us to give of our time and such to others in society who also need and are looking for the direction to help each other. This MUST happen- in my opinion, or we will actually be doomed- as times appear to be getting much rougher and in the end- we will all need each other to make it through the changes that, inflicted upon ourselves or not- seem to be ripping the fabric of society in such a way that everything is going to hell. There are a certain group of people who would argue with me- and say that I am being an alarmist- but really- watching things deteriorate as much as they have regarding social morays and good conduct in the recent years, I have become to realize how pervasive dark thinking is in all of our lives, and how trained we have been to focus on the negative instead of the positive. This is feeding the belief that our lives have no hope but to turn into some mad max/terminator/big brother Illuminati controlled mind set like we are some sort of brainless sheep who can be herded as such. Cry against this all we’d like- the proof is in the pudding- and our actions speak louder than our words.

I am not sure why I felt the need to write this down this morning, but oh well. I will get off my soapbox now. But before I go- let me reiterate that focusing on the Devil is bad, fundamentally it goes against all the ancient myths we have grown up under the influence of since the beginning of our species. Normalizing or gratifying in any way the Dark helps manifest more dark- while saying that it is okay to our children- and we are at such a tee tottering point in time that on push one way or the other is going to to have that much more influence on the future- and we all, as a society, must make a stand for what we believe in before we are lost in some sort of ambiguous world where anything goes and nothing is wrong with championing the evil that exists today in our world.

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