Concerning A Review on Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story / My Reply to the Attack

Exploiting the tragedy of child abuse – superlative example!
By Vindalf on February 22, 2014
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Rabbit Hole by David Shurter, is the best example of someone heartlessly exploiting the tragic topic of child abuse for their own self-promotion that I have ever seen. Everyone should read this book, or at least the free sample chapter available online, to learn what someone falsely claiming to care about sexually abused children sounds like in their own words. In chapter 8 of this book, “The Unraveling Begins”, David Shurter defends two of the most heinous convicted child sex abusers in Omaha’s history – his old friends Walt Carlson and Mark Andersen. Shurter dismisses the charges of crimes against children which led to these men’s convictions as “ridiculous”. Shurter dismisses the disclosures and testimony of the prepubescent child victims as “no real evidence”. Shurter slanders some of the victims & their families, claiming that the children’s disclosures were part of an extortion plot against Andersen orchestrated by the parents, and falsely states that this supposed extortion plot was verified during Andersen’s trial.

This is an example of the concentrated attack that I am speaking about that is happening on Amazon- but since Vindalf and I have crossed paths before- I figure that it is okay that I use him as an example of the misinformation that is a part of this mess. So this is the truth of this situation…

Nothing in Omaha at the time Franklin Credit Union broke out was what it seemed as there was a concentrated effort to distort and misdirect from the true story that was happening in Omaha, Nebraska at the time. At the time of these allegations from the “child victims” of this situation came from boys here were around 18 years of age- and they were, in fact, hustlers that sold themselves around the area in town called the Run. The allegations consisted of things that were suppose to happen when they were 11= but when it got reported and went to court was MUCH LATER. I knew these boys- there were well known in the Baer circles- and I think that the TIMING of this situation was what makes me ask if it was real or not.

Defending criminals? How about this for you. In my book- MUCH WORSE THAN MARK AND WALT- I also question the truth about serial killer Jon Jubert- the Offett Air Force guy that got busted killing two paperboys here in Omaha. You see- there had been murders= the exact same way that his two victims were murdered- that WELL PROCEEDED Jubert being transferred to Omaha. The case of Ricky Chaddick being one of them. So that means I am questioning the guilt of Jubert- a condemned and executed “child murderer” whose case containing of two murdered Omaha World Herald newspaper boys adequately deflected the public from three Des Moines Registrar newspaper boys in West Des Moines, Iowa- one of whom was Johnny Gosch. The three boys who had been abducted in the state next door- two hours away from Omaha, in the proceeding year and a half. Jubert’s conviction was also in the SAME WEEK as Franklin hit the local tv stations with Alecia Owen, Troy Boner, and Paul Bonnaci- Bonnaci- who had an unbelievable act to distract from the satanism going on in Omaha with his whole DID crazy act, which was the SAME WEEK that Mark and Walt were found guilty of child abuse, and was also the the SAME WEEK that my best friend David Klotz was murdered for being a Baer boy- All of which were in the SAME WEEK that John Jubert was found guilty of child murder. Wow- quite a week- and what an amazing amount of coincidence that this all happened AT THE SAME TIME, THE SAME WEEK, ON LOCAL NEWS? It was pretty much almost like it was instrumented- and I have the contention that it was- IT MOST DEFINITELY WAS.

No one in this mess is who they say they are- and those who are supposedly fighting the good fight quite the person they say they are. When I contacted the investigators involved with the Franklin mess I was dismayed when John DeCamp shied away= only agreeing to meet me AFTER Noreen Gosch (Johnny’s mother) and I agreed to meet for lunch. Nebraska Congressman Ernie Chambers on spoke to me twice- the first time after listening to me telling me to “drop it” or that “they would commit me, dope me up and throw me off the roof of the building, calling it a suicide.” The second time he greeted me with an angry tirade about how he had his own issues to contend with and that he couldn’t deal with mine- where after I told him that he was a “sell out” and when he actually “WANTED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE PUBLIC- to get a hold of me”. I have discovered that everything connected with this mess is a smoke and mirror- and it is so heavily infiltrated with the “bad guys” that it is doubtful that the truth will ever get out into public consciousness.

Things in Omaha were controlled by the rich and powerful- and there is a huge secret= much bigger than I ever imagined- and I personally think that until it is looked at it is a huge black hole on life events and life in general. I am NOT just placing myself inside of a situation- and in fact- as much as the PP Squad would like to assert- the whole thing is NOT EVEN ABOUT ME. I just have one place in it and am willing to talk openly and publicly about it whereas most who have a place in it just wish it was all over. I figure one man standing on a rooftop can increase and promote public discourse about the events- and so that is where I have placeed myself in order to get all of this mess looked at.

Are Walt and Mark guilty- I have no idea. However- about the allegations that the sex parties were happening at Walt’s house are ridiculous- considering he lived in his 70 year old parents basement- and the things that came out in trial about the family first trying to extort money out of Mark was well known in those circles as it was on the news at the time. Most of those who have had the most to say- such as anonymous trolls like Gordon on Amazon- haven’t even read the book- which tells me that since people like Vindalf= who left this review- are working in conjunction with other internet trolls to try and do what they can to downplay and contort the facts of Franklin once again- only this time online. However- I stand by what I say- and actually- not reading Rabbit Hole and still arguing about it is kinda lazy as I have the unedited version on my website at, so anyone who wants to read it may do so for free now. It isn’t the one that got nominated for book of the year- but it is 30,000 words more of info and insight that was taken out of it before it got published.

Vindalf has reviewed on four books- and all of them are connected to me or my case- and every one has a one star rating but mine- which I believe he gave me 5 stars in hopes that his review would hit the top of my ratings- allowing his review to be picked up and promoted as the most helpful. It is common of the games I have had to endure on the site with this small group of very effective game players. Below is the link for the reviews- so that one can check out what I have just said for them self.

This is Vindalf’s page on Amazon showing the reviews I am speaking about…

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