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More Conversations on Amazon with Gordon As He Gets them Deleted

In reply to your post on Aug 6, 2014 7:14:35 AM PDT Gordon_bydand says: You’re the one who makes accusations, liar. I have facts. Facts about this book that “SRA” pushers (aka liars) like you can’t answer, which is why you resort to accusations. Last edited by you 5 hours ago LoessJedi says: and getting […]

The Campaign to Bully Authors on Amazon who Talk About Surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse

Arguing with the likes of Gordon on Amazon is an act of futility- as they deny all their inappropriate behavior and work at getting any retort to their accusations deleted. However- I want to show that there IS a campaign by the False Memory “Syndrome” Foundation to attack and silence all who would try to […]

A “Conversation” Between the Anonymous Gordon and Myself on Amazon

Gordon is all over my book- constantly calling me a liar, crazy , and more- although tonight he admits he has never read the book. Of course I caught him in several lies tonight so what anyone should believe is a good guess. Sorry that the conversation rates right up there with a grade school […]