Using Their Directed Energy Weapons on Me- They Are Trying to Quiet Me About My Family’s Involvement With Child Trafficking

Here is a list of the laws around the world- including Maine, Michigan, and Massachusetts, against using directed energy weapons.

This link was found by a simple Google search and yet when they were used in the U.S. Cuban and China embassies – our media reported as if they were attacked by magic.

They are trying to kill me- as they did Jenny Moore and so many others. But they have been trying non stop to do this to me since a year ago last March- yet here I still am.

How you may ask? Only by the Grace of God. That is the only answer I can offer.

This is being done to try and shut me up. Just like all the other bullshit they have tried- with set ups and protection orders and the like.

Jesus claimed no weapons used against the faithful will prosper- and I view myself as an example of that promise.

I am doing what I am doing because of my love for our Father and my fellow man. I may not succeed but at least I took a stand against evil.

In the eyes of God- that is all that matters.

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