Why I Believe This Situation With My Dogs Is a Set Up

This was the anonymous complaint made against my dogs:

Yet the Sherriff’s dept told me they had never recieved even ONE complaint about my dogs. EVER.

I don’t leave my windows open when I am not here due to the break ins I have had. And I don’t let them obsessively bark when I AM here. And this complaint was obviously done in August- and since I have had my air conditioner running all summer- logic would dictate that my windows aren’t open.

I am NOT saying my dogs don’t bark. They are dogs and dogs bark- but since my neighbors have all said they rarely hear them- and I live on a dead end street DIRECTLY beside the highway- this anonymous complaint is a lie.

My dogs are NEVER outside without me as someone has tried to poison them twice. The first time was directly preceeded from an email from Doug Mesner who claimed he could do to my dogs whatever he wanted. The Sheriff HAS that email.

And I won’t let them bark outside as I usher them in immediately if they do, as they are never outside without me.

In Earling dogs run all over town freely. Mine never have- as I had a 5 ft chain link fence built the day after I moved here.

And as far as problems with other dogs in town- one of the city council’s dog bit his neighbor’s dog, which required stitches.

And the next door neighbor to the city manager- their dog has bit TWO PEOPLE.

Did they loose their dogs? NO- they didn’t.

Mine are incredibly loving and gentle- as my neighbors said in their letters. And quiet and we’ll maintained.

And this city attorney- who the Des Moines Register had QUITE the write up about in their watch dog report- has never met me NOR my dogs. But the city manager has- DOZENS of times. She knows EXACTLY what they are like- and what I am like with them.


There is a nefarious reason behind all of this. The secrecy surrounding it- not letting me speak at the city council (although the entire town knows all about it- probably because many read my blog and the whole town talks), the complaint itself, which is directly disputed by my neighbor’s letters, not to mention the harassment I have had to endure- as this thing with my dogs is only the LATEST attempt to harrass me by the town’s leadership- indicates to me that Mesner was telling me the truth when he claimed to already have people here helping him to help hurt me before I even got here.

And yes, the Sheriff ALSO has THIS email.

But I am not one to shy away from an attack. All I want is me and my dogs to be left alone in peace. And it is something I WILL fight for. And if these years fighting with Doug Mesner and his rabid crew of followers has taught me anything it is that I know how to stand my ground.

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