According to What I Was Taught As a Child- 2015 is the Year

When I was a child, my “handlers” often spoke of the future and the upcoming war with Heaven that was suppose to take place. This was a time when the powers that be intended to subjugate mankind and take over the world, claiming it for themselves. For years many believed that 2012 was the date- basing their predictions on the Mayan calendar but I was taught that it was 2013, 2014, and 2015 that were the actual years mankind would fall into ruin.

I have read that “millennial hysteria” is a natural phenomenon that effects mankind. When the world turned 1000, man thought that we were at the end and that Jesus was coming back. This was so prevalent that historically it was when Christianity took hold all over the world. However, this hysteria was parlayed when we turned 2000 because of the Mayan calender. This was anticipated, and I was taught that the few years after 2012 was when the world would sink into “end of the world” fantasies and that this would build for a few years after 2012. In fact, 2015 was when I was taught that things would really happen.

For much of my life, I dismissed this as I never believed that what I was being taught was possible. But seeing the world now, today, in 2015, I see that this push for a take over has become a reality. We live in a society that I never thought was possible, and it isn’t hard to see the reality of what I was taught as emerging today.

Christianity and faith in God is at an epidemic decline. Society seems to have lost faith in everything, esp. in God. Bible thumping politicians who are anything but followers of the teachings of Jesus have taken over and seem to be infecting constant hatred for our fellow man. The poor, disabled, and the down and out are now enemies of the state, and “being our brother’s keeper” has deteriorated into petty attacks and downright disdain for our fellow man. The wars America has waged for over 200 years with the rest of the world have come home to roost as we are now focused on waging wars with the black community, gays, atheists, and the poor- who are regarded as infectious in an increasingly Godless society. People in need who collect food stamps are the enemy of the State and are being blamed for our collapsing economy instead of focusing on the money we have spent with wars, bailing out banks, and giving constant tax breaks to corporations and the super rich. Gay people are being blamed for the moral decline of our society instead of the real culprits who give us hundreds of murders, rapes, and gross indiscretions hourly on our televisions and media outlets. All of this is, of course, a distraction from the real problems that face our society that are solely based on the greed the super rich are enveloped with. They want control of everything and will do what they can to keep us fighting ourselves so that we don’t focus on them and their need for global domination.

I was told that a war with Heaven was coming. I never really believed it, but looking around I see that I was wrong to dismiss it. The agenda is obvious, but the powers that be have stupefied our society to the point where we are unable to see what is glaringly before us. We are so busy fighting each other that very few of us are able to see what is happening, and those who do seem to be too paralyzed to do anything effectual to prevent what is coming. This has been planned for a long time and we have been led here intentionally. You don’t have to take my word for it as all one has to do is look back through our history to see the truth in this. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We are where we are as a world because our leaders have brought us here. Intentionally.

Just because you might not believe in God or a war with Heaven doesn’t negate that there are those, mostly who are in power, who do. They have done what they can to make the world ripe for a dark takeover, and they believe that they are the ones who will benefit from such an event. I was taught as a child that 2015 was the year that they would take things over, and that when they were done- they would not only control the world but everyone in it. More than that- they believed that mankind would be so downtrodden that no one could do anything about it. In my perception, this seems to be true- as those who are aware are unable to do anything but pray. Not that prayer doesn’t help- but more action is required for us to turn things around, as my fear is that if Jesus doesn’t fly out of the 5th dimension to save us- that we will end up being slaves to those who have brought us to the brink in the first place.

Satanists believe in the motto “Do as thou whilst” and that God has no power. In fact, most satanists will profess to be atheists. They believe in greed, in achieving personal power, and have little regard for their fellow man who are just considered fodder to be used to achieve their ambitions. They believe that mankind is too stupid and lazy to fight them and they see themselves as superior in every way. The modern day satanists- who are working to distribute their literature to school kids in Florida, erecting statues thumbing their nose at God and the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma, and arguing for the right to openly worship Satan in government proceedings today are a fine example of this attitude. They dismiss, demean, and attack anyone who would publicly stand against them, and do their best to convince society to disregard the victims of their abuse by calling them crazy, hysterical, or worse. They stand against everything Jesus taught and do what they can to thumb their noses at God’s commandments. Those who are poor, sick, or downtrodden are the way they are because they are too lazy and stupid to do anything else, and social Darwinism is promoted venomously. Looking at our politicians today and their attacks on these factions of society- it is hard to distinguish them from the satanists. It is obvious that their objectives are identical.

2015 is shaping up to be the definitive year that will dictate where we are going as a global society. Whether you believe that Jade Helm is just a military exercise or something much more sinister- it is undeniable that something is about to happen. The group that was behind my abuse as a child claimed this was the definitive time for their takeover. Looking at the world today- this is not as easy to dismiss as it once was, if not completely impossible. And contrary to popular belief, this is happening not because of the Muslims, the gays, the black community, foreigners, or the poor but because those who are behind the worlds incredibly flawed systems want it all, and they will do everything to promote our infighting to prevent us as a whole from doing anything about it. All that needs to happen to prevent this is for us to wake up enough to start working together to change this. However, this dark takeover will become inevitable if we blindly remain on the course that we are on.

The way is simple. Love God and love your fellow man. Compassionately stand up for both. Unless we do this as a whole, our path is set and the majority of us will suffer as a whole for it. Make this 2015 the year to do so. Because I assure you- the other side has already embraced this as their time.

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