Judy Byington’s 22 Faces and the Art of Deception by “Dr. Phil”

Judy Byington has taken a lot of slack from Amazon trolls about her appearance on the “Dr.” Phil Show and I just wanted to point out that this guy has deceived and tried to decimate more than just her. I woke up to this on Facebook this morning- and have been given permission to post it…

“I want to ask people who know of ‘guests’ who were on the Dr.Phil show to please refer them to me, who like me were manipulated in to appearing for one reason then lied to having the show appear completely different. Please help me gather these individual’s as I am starting a private group. They must be verified. Wendy B***** Cari R****** let’s get this group to grow and have our own show telling our truths. Yes, I appreciate the book Chocolate Flowers becoming a best seller what I don’t appreciate it being deceived.”

Much of the criticism waged against Judy Byington by a small group of people who work in conjunction with each other to attack any survivor and their advocates has been based on what happened on the “Dr.” Phil Show. I say “Dr.” in the way I do because Phil lost his ability to offer therapy to people because he had his license to practice revoked after taking gifts from his clients- along with his father. The man may have went to school but his own actions prevent him from legally practicing therapy- which is why he is on television. Discovered by Oprah when she had to go to court after talking about mad cow disease and getting sued by the meat industry- Phil supposedly talked her down from being so stressed and she decided to put him on television. However- the man had already LOST his ability to practice therapy due to his own inappropriate behavior with his previous clients.

If you go to 22 Faces on Amazon and look into the comments you will see that they are riddled with nasty comments by a small collection of the same people who seem to think that “Dr.” Phil proved that she was a liar with what Byington has written in her book.

CritThink says… “Jenny Hill was never diagnosed as DID…it wasn’t even in the DSM then. She was diagnosed with MPD which got taken out of the DSM because therapists where convincing their suggestible patients horrible things had happened that never had…bizarre things like the claims in this book which appear to be from Judy Byington and not someone named Jenny. In fact Jenny denied the silly Nazi mind control stuff on national TV. Think about that. The woman who this book is supposed to be about denied one of the core claims. Additionally, Jenny never read this book so claiming it’s about her is dubious at best. On top of that, it’s terribly written, despite the fact that the author paid a editor and a notorious vanity publisher thousands to get this thing published.

DID has never found to be the result of severe child abuse. That’s a myth promoted by the ISSTD. One of its past presidents of that org wrote the intro to this book. Here’s his wiki. Quite a controversial history…but to be expected from people who promote unscientific claims like DID and books like this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_A._Ross”

Like I wrote previously on this blog, Critthink- a transsexual who claims DID is made up by the ISSTD, is also the same man who has ingratiated himself into the survivor community and has done his best to surround himself with women claiming to have DID, encouraging them to call him their mother- all the while publicly declaring that he doesn’t believe in the condition. This handful of people LIVE on Amazon to attack anyone who would support survivors and their supporters. Their tens of thousands of comments are full of comments about “Dr.” Phil- purporting that he is an expert on DID and has shown that it is nonsense, but considering his past- he is no more of an expert on DID than the average person on the street. His actions have consistently shown that he is not interested in education but rather his RATINGS, and he trashed Judy Byington the same way he trashed Jori Nunes, the author of “Chocolate Flowers”- in order to gain more attention for his television show. Hardly the defender to truth- this man has shown himself to be nothing more than a snake oil salesman- on and off the television.

If you watch “Dr.” Phil to be entertained- great, but don’t think that his show is educational, because it is not. He edits his show for the same reason he was thrown out of the medical profession- to get as much monetary compensation as he can. And he doesn’t not care in the least who he hurts to achieve this. More than just Byington have claimed that he manipulates and uses people- and so holding her responsible for what this opportunist says or doesn’t say is ridiculous. No matter what a small collection of the SAME people on Amazon say about it.


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