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The Event Chronicle VS. Hoaxtead Research VS. HoaxteadResearch and their bullshit… lol- Hoaxtead seems to be all up in arms about “pizzagate”. And how exactly did this issue become all about Angela Power-Disney? And I guess, according to Hoaxtead, that child abuse doesn’t exist. Children must not be disappearing from CPS. Maybe CPS was LYING- FEEDING the “conspiracists” when they […]

Introducing Critthink/Menagerie- One of the False Memory Amazon Trolls Who Attack Any Survivor Who Comes Forward

This is one of the main individuals who have spent years attacking me and other survivors on Amazon. If you go to not only my reviews- but esp. Judy Byington’s reviews on 22 Faces, this individual’s criticisms are riddled throughout. Full of ridicule and contempt for anyone who would come forward to talk about their […]

A Response to Doug Mesner/Luciean Greaves Article “David Shurter’s Epic Fail”

Although my initial reaction to this piece was to laugh it off as a failed attempt to attack me, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I should answer some of the accusations and give my side of the situation. The fact that I have to respond to someone who has done his best […]