Introducing Critthink/Menagerie- One of the False Memory Amazon Trolls Who Attack Any Survivor Who Comes Forward


This is one of the main individuals who have spent years attacking me and other survivors on Amazon. If you go to not only my reviews- but esp. Judy Byington’s reviews on 22 Faces, this individual’s criticisms are riddled throughout. Full of ridicule and contempt for anyone who would come forward to talk about their abuse- I wanted to take a minute to recognize Critthink for his relentless effort to discredit any and all survivors of sexual abuse, esp. those who would say that satanic ritual abuse is part of their history.

As an man who has been openly gay all my life, I have to admit that I do not much understand those who are transsexual. A man who has operations to physically change his sex still has the Y chromosome, and so they really don’t become a woman in any way other than appearance. Critthink/Menagerie is a perfect example of this, as he is as aggressive as any man I have ever met. He attacks, insults, and demeans anyone he doesn’t agree with but if you criticize him, he claims you are attacking the entire LGBT community as if he stands for the community as a whole. Demanding that he be treated as a woman- he epitomizes the stereotypical problems that many have with women. He is caddy, nasty, and demeaning- and yet demands that he be treated with the respect that women deserve. His many comments on Amazon blatantly and undeniably show his attitude against survivors and how hateful he can be to any survivor who claims they were satanically ritually abused.

The name he gave himself- Menagerie- means “a collection of wild or unusual animals, especially for exhibition”, which further shows how he sees himself. However, there are some things about this man’s character that many don’t know.

First, although he has come forward and claimed his disbelief in DID, (dissociative identity disorder- once called Multiple Personality disorder), he has nevertheless ingratiated himself into survivor community. He has been known to group call survivors in order to manipulate them- often being one of four people on the phone at one time. This is done primarily to breed dissension between survivors and keep them at each others throats. He and his group often compel survivors to talk baby talk- doing their best to interact with what some call “littles”, which are child parts of the survivors split personality. He often “love bombs” survivors, sending them stuffed animals and compelling them to call him their mother. Psychologically manipulating victims of abuse, he goes out of his way to keep them caught up in their own dilemmas while going online and claiming that he, in no way, believes the DID condition or those who claim to suffer from this condition. Worst of all- he does this under the cloak of secrecy, doing so as an anon and, along with his cohorts in crime, dance around like a group of Rumpelstiltskins, convinced that no one could possibly know who they are. Everything about this man is a manipulation used to hurt and further isolate victims of childhood abuse.

This group of false memory advocates work in conjunction with each other on Amazon- each claiming that since no one knows who they are- that they can not be held accountable for the despicable behavior they display. This group as argued with me on Amazon that there is absolutely nothing wrong with pedophilia and that pedophiles have legal rights along with everyone else. They obsessively attack anyone and everyone who would come forward as victims of abuse as well as those who would advocate for survivors, and as the comment sections on Amazon will show- they pretty much live on the website to attack and defame anyone who would come forward. They claim that MKUltra was never used, that it was disbanded along time ago, and that no one was actually mind controlled by the operation- all the while claiming that bad therapists and misguided law enforcement DID THE VERY SAME THING that caused a myriad of parents and their children to come forward and claim the children were being abused in their day cares.

For those who believe MKUltra was discontinued, since almost all of the files were destroyed pending an investigation, the fact that information has come forward that Hitler DID NOT commit suicide in a bunker and was, in fact, hidden in Argentina to live out his life with the help of our own government, one can assume that this could easily be yet another lie. MKUltra got it’s push in WWII concentration camps, and there must be a reason why our leaders felt that Hilter should be protected rather than face the consequences of creating a mass genocide. Included are some articles about his escape- and more can easily be found by researching the web.

The other leader of this campaign to promote this idea that our nation’s children suffered from “false memories”, a term coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation by founders who were either embroiled in their own accusations of being pedophiles or those who went around promoting the validity of benefits that having sex with children has on society,is none other than Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves, who himself is a self purported Satanist. This is the same man who has pushed to have a statue of the devil erected in Oklahoma City right beside the 10 Commandments and has successfully gotten literature encouraging satanic worship to be distributed to Florida school children. He claims that Satanists are all law abiding- while publicly displaying his privates during one of his weird rituals.


These are the people who are attacking survivors and claiming that satanic ritual abuse never happened. Satanists and transsexuals- not much different than the accused pedophiles who gave us the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Strange that they fight so hard to set themselves above the rest of society, attempting to make themselves seem superior to the rest of us. They will do their best to defame EVERY SURVIVOR who comes forward, blanketing them with derision without knowing any of the facts of their childhood experiences. All the while they do their best to keep themselves anonymous. But I felt that it is time that people get a chance to see who the real people are behind all this mess. If you choose to believe satanists and transsexuals over those who claim abuse- that is your choice. But I felt that people needed to be educated in just who these anonymous people are that they are choosing to put their trust in. Personally- judging by their behavior- I have a tendency to believe the survivors rather than a small group of people who seem to be disingenuous at best.

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