Regarding Noreen Gosch- Mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch- and the MSNBC Video “Missing Johnny”

In the MSNBC show “Missing Johnny”, there is a clip of the three families together in a room. The other two sets of parents are shown first- crying. Their pain is almost palatable. Then they show John and Noreen. John leans over and says something to Noreen, and she laughs. This is in the SAME room at the SAME exact time. I found this to be telling. What kind of parents sit in a room with others crying about their lost children and laugh? Noreen has accused John of selling Johnny for many years- but judging by her reaction on MSNBC, she was not as torn up about losing her son as the other parents. You don’t have to take my word for it. It is on MSNBC. Also- she claims that her son came and saw her at 27- and says she knows it was him because it she knows her own son. So my question is- was the man who came to see her Jeff Gannon? Cause she wanted him to take a DNA test, claiming HE could be her son. Noreen is NOT the person she presents herself as publicly, and anyone who researches this can see that.

—An Addition–
I have had a couple people who have written me and told me I am completely off base for this post and I would like to answer them.

First off, what I have said can be SEEN on the MSNBC video, which I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. I was told that pointing this out would backfire on me- but I am just telling the truth on what can be seen on the video.

I also had it suggested that they laughed to “throw off the bad guys”. So laughing in the same room as two other devastated parents was their reasoning? Exactly how this “throws anyone off” is beyond me.

Noreen and I have a long and sordid history. She herself told me that my father called her speaking about committing “crimes against children” and that he had “skeletons in his closet”, but told me she didn’t know who it was until I came along. I believe it was this reason that my stepmother, Joanne C. Shurter, began taking the phone off the hook. My father was too weak to go downstairs, and I think he was scared that he was trying to come clean- so she devised this tactic to prevent him from calling anyone. It was because of this that my father laid on the floor for six hours after he fell- as he was unable to call anyone to help him. My father was coming clean- and my stepmother did everything she could to prevent this.

Also- Noreen continuously called my sister late in the evenings- after she took her Ambien- to grill her about what she knew about my families past. Later on she denied ever doing this- but I believe my sister, who was on top of me to try and get her to quit. Funny that she never mentions anything that she learned from my sis or myself- and has gone out of her way to discredit me and my family. For someone seeking answers to her son’s disappearance, she doesn’t seem all that interested in anyone’s help other than Paul Bonnaci.

It has been my experience that those who have been the most public about the things concerning Omaha are not anything like what they present themselves to be. There are many people who just unquestionably accept what Noreen Gosch has to say- that her son came and visited her at 27, that her ex husband ran around with a Noreen Gosch “look alike” in order to dupe people into thinking it was her- not to mention the whole Jeff Gannon BS. And the fact that she has gone out of her way to connect her son’s disappearance in West Des Moines Iowa with everything that was happening in Omaha Nebraska is incredibly telling.

Oh- and at the end of the MSNBC show- the “captain” they mention who supposedly bought Johnny Gosch- is none other than Michael Aquino. The nickname “Captain” was his- although their is no mention of who is actual identity is on the MSNBC show. This, of course, comes from Paul Bonnaci- who is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for having a grand jury dismiss EVERY ALLEGATION OF CHILD ABUSE concerning Omaha. This “hoax” originated with him. A simple look at the history will show this. But people are just suppose to glorify a convicted pedophile as telling the absolute truth.

And John DeCamp- Noreen’s champion- was also intimately involved in investigating the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting. Although this man has come out publicly and claimed that everything I am saying is the truth, I don’t trust this man any further than I can spit. The group surrounding Noreen is questionable at best- and I am not going to jump on the Noreen Gosch bandwagon just because she claims she is a victim. She has claimed for years that her ex husband John Gosch SOLD their son. I see no reason why it can’t be considered that BOTH OF THEM may have been involved. My allegiance is too finding out the truth- not glorifying the personalities that are involved with the situation. If some have an issue with this- it is YOUR problem, not mine.

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