Latest Interviews- On 8/20/2016 I Will Be Talking Specifics About My MKUltra Training

So to let you guys know- I am able to release my new interview with John B. Wells from Caravan to Midnight on Monday. But ONLY the audio. So you can at least hear it, although you may want to check out and check out his site- cause he is a brilliant guy.

Okay- so on Saturday evening- I am going to be interviewed on William Ramsey’s new show William Ramsey Investigates, which can be heard at, and as well as We are going to be discussing the SPECIFICS of my MKUltra training- and he is going to help me go into detail what they did and what it did to me as a child. Probably should offer a trigger warning- but hey- that is up to you.

William Ramsey is an expert investigator who has recently primarily focused on the West Memphis 3- Damion Echols, and that atrocity of justice that occurred concerning the death of three murdered boys. He has shown the links to Johnny Depp- who was best friends with Hunter S. Thompson- a KEY player in the events that went down in Omaha, and, having watched and interacted with him for years- can personally say that he is an amazing person and I was honored and moved that he asked me to be on his first series of shows, which will no doubt grow exponentially in the future.

Now Ed Opperman is ALSO going to be interviewing right before William Ramsey and his guest will be David Cay Johnston, who was sued by Trump. The Opperman Report is detailed, relentless with the truth, and truly eye opening and you never know what gem of info Ed is going to get out next so I would say- consider them both.

William Ramsey’s show begins at 7PM- Pacific Standard Time- and Ed Opperman’s is right before that, and he begins at 5-7 Pacific Standard Time- so check them out.

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