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Pat Goodwin and the Facts Surrounding Her and Myself

I was told the day after her last conference last week that she is telling people I almost ran over her foot. Exactly HOW does someone “almost” hit you with their car? The TRUTH is- during our visit with the hotel- she publicly humiliated me FOUR TIMES- and so I finally went out to my […]

Facebook Posts I Have Written…

“The Fallen claimed that they could turn all of mankind from Heaven. They obviously failed since there are A LOT of people going to the New Earth. I have been told that it is now MY volley- so here is MY boast. I WILL bring EVERY ONE of you to your knees and MAKE you […]

So According the the Government Run Website HoaxteadResearch- If You Are a Survivor of Abuse and You SPEAK About Your Abuse- It Makes You a Sexual Deviant

“So really all that can be logically deduced from this is that these people want some deviant sexual fantasy of their own making inflicted upon an innocent person – from which knowledge they will get a vicarious thrill. Equally well, the distress of having one’s home invaded and searched; even for the Clerics and Parishioner […]

New Facebook Posts By David Shurter

So I met with this guy Dave- who is an old timer ritual abuse survivor who came to the conference. GREAT GUY- but he flew back yesterday to Louisiana. So THIS MORNING- not but a day after getting back- he goes into his Burger King to get a sandwich- and he hears some guy talking […]

A Little Reminder- The 10 Commandments

1). Be GRATEFUL to Heaven- it is what gives ALL of us LIFE. 2.) Don’t STEAL Heaven’s honor. Money- possessions- GREED- all of these are false gods. 3.) Watch what you say- because your words have power. 4.) Take a day to be GRATEFUL- not only to Heaven- but to MANKIND- since we are commanded […]

Let Me Point Something Out

Let me just take a minute and point something out- I AM NOT the bringer of Light. In fact- just the opposite. Did you all really believe the when Heaven came back- that you would all be served cake and ice cream for your disobedience? I, along with ALL OF HEAVEN- have been commanded to […]

To The Order

1. You wanted me to have absolute power and dominion- Done. 2. You wanted to live forever. And young- Done. 3. You wanted separation from God- my Father. Done. Of course that also means no light. But you obviously didn’t consider that. 4. You all wanted to rule. Done. 5. You wanted to bind me- […]

Max Spiers’s Mom and Friend on Max’s Death and Message

Max Spiers’s Mom and Friend on Max’s Death and Message Michael Aquino and Friends- You are DEFINITELY Going to Want to Listen to This…

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