So According the the Government Run Website HoaxteadResearch- If You Are a Survivor of Abuse and You SPEAK About Your Abuse- It Makes You a Sexual Deviant

“So really all that can be logically deduced from this is that these people want some deviant sexual fantasy of their own making inflicted upon an innocent person – from which knowledge they will get a vicarious thrill. Equally well, the distress of having one’s home invaded and searched; even for the Clerics and Parishioner of the church that was searched; it’s a sacred place to them after all, the house of God… If this were not supported and justified by legitimate evidence and good cause then it is in itself a breach of the peace.”

So it ISN’T the pedophile rapists that are bad- it is the ones who are speaking out about being abused by these monsters who are the ones that are sick. WE THE VICTIMS are the sexual deviants according to these people- simply for speaking out about the crimes enacted out on us.

So if Brock Turner’s victim speaks about being raped- having twigs shoved up her privates- having pictures of her passed out naked body sent to his friends- if she SPEAKS about this- that means that SHE is a sexual deviant- and NOT Brock Turner- who, of course, worked ALONE and on his OWN VOLITION.

But we here in America are ALSO Victim Blamers. I mean- what other explanation can be offered when we have two people running for the highest office in the land who are BOTH DIRECTLY CONNECTED to pedophilia and child sex trafficking. America is obviously FINE with this.

But all of the insults and games in the world WILL NOT change the facts about my childhood- and I will speak about what I want ANY TIME I want- and I don’t give one flying fuck what these obsessive members of the pedophile protection squad think (to use that phrase VERY lightly) or have to say about it. Their opinions DO NOT EFFECT THE TRUTH- no matter how much they believe if you tell a lie long and loud enough that it becomes the truth- so I suggest that they do what they do best- and stick their fists up their asses and spin around in circles.

Evil is evil- no matter what they claim. And when have they EVER admitted to their own evil? EVER? We ALL have darkness- but if you listen to them- THEY seem to all be able to walk on water. But THEIR GOD LIKES children to be raped I guess. But if you ask them- THEY AREN’T EVIL WHATSOEVER. They call themselves “skeptics”- much like those who run around promoting Satanism who call themselves ATHEISTS. The devils lie. THAT is what devils do. It is kind of a no-brainer…

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