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So I met with this guy Dave- who is an old timer ritual abuse survivor who came to the conference. GREAT GUY- but he flew back yesterday to Louisiana. So THIS MORNING- not but a day after getting back- he goes into his Burger King to get a sandwich- and he hears some guy talking at a table to a group of others about “repressed memories” so Dave- being who he is- engages the man. Come to find out- the guy was TALKING SHIT about Dave- and NOT ONLY THAT- but where the fuck was this guy from- NONE OTHER THAN OMAHA NE. It is just ANOTHER example of what I have been saying. They WON’T target me- but they have NO PROBLEMS targeting those who get in touch with me. But Dave- he isn’t the one. He is like me- he will ALWAYS call you on your shit. But keep going after people who reach out to me- see how that works for you in the end..

It is funny to me that now the other side is trying to say that I am trying to be a “cult leader” because I am telling people that they WILL do what we have been commanded too do or they will be claimed. OF COURSE they are going to go to this- since they know better than anyone that this is what they trained me to do. But I am NOT a cult leader. The Order gave me their souls- in order to make me their god. I accepted. And so here we are. Do what Heaven commanded us to do- or get claimed by the darkness- which is and always has been my domain. It was forced upon me before I was even born. If that makes me a “cult leader” then so be it. But once you are claimed by the darkness- there is NO GOING BACK.

I just want to point out that when Heaven takes everything from you- it is because Heaven wants your FULL attention. The homeless- the downtrodden- THEY know Heaven better than ANYONE. They know because they have to DEPEND on Heaven’s GRACE to survive. You learn more in the trenches than you do laying on a beach sipping beverages. When this happens to you- REALIZE Heaven wants your attention and simply STOP FIGHTING AND GIVE IT.

lol- so the powers that be for the moment are REALLY trying to run with this “demon” bullshit. But it AIN’T demons you have to be concerned about- but the darkness. And NOT A ONE OF THEM are in control of that.


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