A Little Reminder- The 10 Commandments

1). Be GRATEFUL to Heaven- it is what gives ALL of us LIFE.

2.) Don’t STEAL Heaven’s honor. Money- possessions- GREED- all of these are false gods.

3.) Watch what you say- because your words have power.

4.) Take a day to be GRATEFUL- not only to Heaven- but to MANKIND- since we are commanded to also love.

5.) Honor you mother and father- because all of us become our parents- and by doing so- we honor ourselves and our children.

6.) You can not STEAL another person’s life- or really- ANY life. In ALL life you see- you see Heaven. In every face you see- you see the face of Heaven.

7.) Though shall not STEAL another person’s honor, respect, and self worth- because this world is about more than just us personally- it is about ALL of us collectively- and because what we put out into to the world in turn shapes our experiences in the world.

8.) Don’t steal. Anything. Doing so INTENTIONALLY HURTS another person- and again- since we have been commanded to love- this is really a no brainer.

9.) Don’t lie and don’t talk shit about another person. AGAIN- we are commanded to love- and this is a no brainer. Telling the truth- and saying how it is- IS NOT THE SAME THING. But stealing a persons self worth through deception is wrong.

10.) Don’t steal means don’t break up relationships of love- leave your fellow man ALONE- don’t steal, take, borrow with no intention of returning- ANYTHING. Doing so is honoring a false god. Man or woman- leave your hands off of everyone else’s stuff. Don’t take what you KNOW is not yours. Don’t screw with each other’s adult love relationships- in ANY way- Don’t take each other’s houses- nor ANY of each other’s shit. DON’T STEAL- since this was mentioned TWICE- I THINK HEAVEN MIGHT BE SAYING SOMETHING.

Oh- and the two that were given to us by Jesus Christ- which actually should be at the TOP of the list- and those are…

1). LOVE HEAVEN- No description as to what each of our concepts of Heaven may be- JUST THAT WE LOVE EACH OTHER and ANY ONE who LOVES- which is ONLY ACHIEVED with a focus on Heaven.


If you are doing ANY of these wrong- you are going to draw the darkness to you- and let me assure you- NOW is NOT a good time to draw the darkness. AND DOING DARK THINGS WILL DEFINITELY DRAW THE DARKNESS.

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