Let Me Point Something Out

Let me just take a minute and point something out- I AM NOT the bringer of Light. In fact- just the opposite. Did you all really believe the when Heaven came back- that you would all be served cake and ice cream for your disobedience? I, along with ALL OF HEAVEN- have been commanded to bring forth WRATH- and although I don’t like it- and I don’t really want too- I will do WHAT I WAS FUCKING COMMANDED TO DO. THAT is how it works. You will all DO AS YOU WERE FUCKING COMMANDED TO DO- and love each other- or you will be claimed by the darkness- where PAIN and ANGUISH await you. If you don’t like this- tough shit. And in THIS game- excuses don’t count for shit. You will all do what you were commanded to do- or you will suffer the consequences- and they ARE GOING TO BE SEVERE. You think Haiti was bad? That was nothing but a warm up. Death is upon us all- and I suggest you all start to act accordingly- or you will be SMOTE. Period. No excuses, no arguments, nada. The Order taught me to identify the darkness in people- which is why Heaven is using me now. So I have sent the dark to claim what IS the darkness’s property. And it has only begun. Deal with yourselves accordingly- or suffer the consequences. And again- if you don’t like it- that is simply TOUGH SHIT!

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