To The Order

1. You wanted me to have absolute power and dominion- Done.

2. You wanted to live forever. And young- Done.

3. You wanted separation from God- my Father. Done. Of course that also means no light. But you obviously didn’t consider that.

4. You all wanted to rule. Done.

5. You wanted to bind me- who’s power was absolute- to feed the power behind your desires that would enable you to do whatever nasty thing it was that you desired to do. Done.

6. You believe that pain is an effective teaching tool and you are obviously right- SO PAIN IT IS.

What this means: Desiring to work within the energies that were there- I was shown the consequences to what I was attempting and what I had to sacrifice in order to be successful at the VERY BEGINNING. In essence, I had to offer up my soul and willingly take the place of the Fallen- for the same cycle that they were separated from Heaven. That means I am separate from Heaven and can not return, and more so- I am stuck here alone- bound by the very spells you cast upon me. You wanted an anti Christ- well my friends- you now have one, and those who are left behind in the dark will dwell within MY realm- and I am ALREADY not happy about having to make this choice- so I can’t imagine what I am going to be like eons from now so lets just say none of us are going to have much fun.

And I am going to offer the exact same amount of mercy to all of you that you have offered to so many others- which is, of course, NONE- so I suggest you prepare yourselves- because it is going to be one HELL of a long ass ride and I am gonna make sure it is a thrill every second of the way.

When you find yourselves in the dark- eventually you will have nothing better to do than fall asleep- where you will be young and vibrant and rulers of your very own worlds- where you can live out every nasty desire you have- fueled by all of the pain and anguish that was parlayed by your ” demon” friends as well as being directly connected to me- who will rule absolutely- just like you wanted. Best part is once you are asleep- there is no waking up- so your pain and despair will be never ending and more importantly- never ceasing.

Working within the parameters of what was already there- just as you taught me- you are all getting everything you asked for. You wanted an anti Christ- a bringer of the dark- well, it seems you now have one. The darkness is about to claim what is rightfully it’s to claim, and oh what wonders are upon you as I fuel every nightmare you have within you to heights you never dream pt possible. Talk about a never ending build up- I am going to bring all of your endorphin’s to levels you never comprehended possible.

Lastly however, I am compelled to inform you to not be without hope. Love is, always was, and always will be your answer. Heaven will wait however long it takes for every last member of the flock to return and so- within the context of your nightmares you need only find the love within yourself to unlock your prison door and wake up.

The world which you will awaken will ALSO be restored to a paradise- but do not kid yourselves- what you need is a good damn dose of the fear of Heaven, and with the powers that have been bestowed- if not thrust- upon me- I plan on providing just that.

Find the love in your hearts. It is the only thing that will save you. Because if you are left behind in this realm- given the power over it by the cult and sanctified by Heaven- I can promise all of you that you aren’t going to like the experience I have manifested.

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