Facebook Posts I Have Written…

“The Fallen claimed that they could turn all of mankind from Heaven. They obviously failed since there are A LOT of people going to the New Earth. I have been told that it is now MY volley- so here is MY boast. I WILL bring EVERY ONE of you to your knees and MAKE you obedient to Heaven. And I WON’T fail.”

“Look- some of you idiots out there think you can drop names- link my posts to people such as Melania Trump or whoever- but let me assure you that they are ALL aware of me already. All of our leaders- our rich- our powerful- ALL had to pledge their souls to the Order- because they couldn’t be were they are now if they hadn’t. And the Order gave ME possession of all those souls- and all of that darkness- but not only that- they ALSO gave me THEIRS. The word has gotten out- and many are perplexed and don’t know what to do- probably because there is NOTHING they CAN do. They were warned- in the end- that they would be brought low- and they have already sent their remote viewers to discover that MY darkness is LIMITLESS. And it has NO boundaries. And they are about to discover how bad things REALLY ARE GOING TO BE for them- VERY SOON NOW. So do what you want- tell anyone you want- but I assure you that they already know- and that they are terrified. And do you know what? THEY SHOULD BE.”

“So I am thinking that this storm supposedly supposed to hit Seattle is actually man made. You know what THIS means of course. I am only able to channel their own shit back to them and if they DID create this storm- I will be able to channel that destructive force right back into their lives. Have fun my friends- because it is about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE interesting.”

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