Pat Goodwin and the Facts Surrounding Her and Myself


I was told the day after her last conference last week that she is telling people I almost ran over her foot. Exactly HOW does someone “almost” hit you with their car?

The TRUTH is- during our visit with the hotel- she publicly humiliated me FOUR TIMES- and so I finally went out to my car.

When she and her friend DID come out- the princess took her damn sweet time getting into my car… after which I TOLD her that if she treated me like she had just done at the conference- that we were going to have issues- at which point the 65 year old started behaving like an 8 yr old- screaming that I let her out of the car.

Which I did. And yes- I did leave both of them standing in the hotel parking lot- but then- I figured the bitch could just fly them both back home on her broom.

Pat Goodwin aka Felicity Lee leaves out KEY info when she speaks about people. Like the fact that her website Ivory Garden is averaging ONE PERSON A DAY on it- and she generally gets DAILY emails from survivors telling her how they don’t trust her.

The conference was what it was this year because of ME and MY ADVERTISING IT IN ALL MY INTERVIEWS.

But let me just point out ONE MORE THING. Lori King was murdered because Pat DEMANDED that she sign the paperwork that took down Jeanette Bartha’s blog. Pat is the one who filled OUT the paperwork- but she was too afraid to sign her own name- so she made Lori King do it.


And it isn’t like she didn’t do the same afterwards. Infinite Minds got in trouble for posing as a non for profit when they weren’t- BECAUSE Pat asked me to turn them in.

The only difference between Lori and myself is that I have WAY MORE than a high school education- and so I was able to fill the paperwork out myself- and I OBVIOUSLY didn’t get murdered over what I did.

But that has NOTHING to do with Pat. If I HAD gotten murdered- she would have just done the same thing she has done with Lori- and MAKE HERSELF OUT TO BE THE VICTIM.

But deal with this woman at your own risk- because she GETS OFF putting people in bad situations and watching what happens to them. It is how she feels the MOST powerful.

Do what she asks- go ahead. But when they come to hurt you- she will do nothing other than take personal advantage of your situation and she won’t give one flying fuck what happens to you.

In her mind- she IS THE ONE- and she IS ALL SHE CARES ABOUT.

“Almost ran over her foot with my car?” At the time- as mad as I was- she is lucky I didn’t flat out RUN OVER HER FAT BALDING ASS- AND THEN BACK UP OVER HER FOR GOOD MEASURE.

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