Max Spiers, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden

What do these three men have in common? They are ALL DEAD.

The crap flying around now about Max Spiers is sickening- as people are RACING to try and take his place and use HIS work to set THEMSELVES up as THE ONE.

According to Vanessa Bates- Max’s mother- the coroner she had look at Max told her that he believed that he had been DROWNED. Which explains WHY his phone was wet.

THERE WAS NO BLACK LIQUID RUNNING OUT OF HIS MOUTH. The ONLY people who have claimed this are the people who were WITH him when he was murdered. But still- everyone is just running around acting like they KNOW when the truth is all that they know are LIES.

Julian Assange- well- that picture of him with his hand over his heart has a VIDEO with it. Seems he was ALSO saying the pledge of allegiance when they SHOT HIM TO DEATH. NOW everyone is saying that he is ANYWHERE BUT DEAD. That video was only up for a second- and now is no where to be found.

But if he isn’t dead- then bring him forth and have him make a public appearance. BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Nor will it happen with Edward Snowden- WHO HAS ALSO BEEN KILLED.

Why do you think- after so many interviews- that he has just dropped out of sight? Are you thinking he just decided to stop and go on with his life?

Vanessa and Rosette- after giving me an interview- have had constant death threats trying to shut them up. They are terrified- but NOW people are trying to trash THEM. Sarah- Max’s “fiance”- was trying to hook him back on heroin. She is IN LEAGUE with his murderer’s.

I am starting to believe that mankind is doomed and it is too ignorant to realize it. And it is because of this that I am starting to believe that this MAY NOT BE SUCH A BAD THING.

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