The Games People Play Concerning the Cult with Regards to the Hampstead Case.

Since I did my interview with Ed Opperman about the Hampstead case- the games have become quite intense- as have the attacks. Since yesterday- it has gotten 64 thumbs down- but according to Ed- they aren’t listening to the interview but only spend a minute leaving nasty comments and marking it as a thumbs down- and then someone else comes RIGHT BACK and does the same thing. What it shows is that someone (most likely Abe and his friends) have a great deal of sock puppets that they are desperately trying to use. Sock puppets are fake accounts- linked with fake emails- used to look like there are more people disagreeing with what was said than there really is. It is a game- pathetic as it is, but it shows that the bad guys DO NOT WANT anyone to listen what was said.

For those of you who are interested in listening to the interview- or reading the comments- which, for the most part, are just sad- here is the link…

Right after my interview- where I stated that Abe – the repeated felon, who ingratiated himself into the Hampstead children’s lives, sent me this message on Skype. He is obviously angry about being called out- and now he is trying to suggest that it is HE who is telling the truth and that I am the disinfo agent. Of course- this is typical of him anytime anyone questions what he has to say. I think that he was sent into this family in order to do what he did so that the UK could use the Hampstead case to discredit the other 19 cases that have come forward against the elite pedophile group that is operating in the UK. I mean- he has been in and out of prison repeatedly throughout his entire life- has openly declared he was feeding the kids cannabis and that this practice breaks MKUltra training and takes the place of blood transfusions and a bunch of other unsubstantiated nonsense that is complete and utter bullshit. Where did he get his vast education about this, in prison? Cause he has spent most of his life there. I believe that the cult of elite pedophiles sent him to this family on purpose because EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MAN could be used to easily dismiss the children’s accusations. That is why the focus has shifted from the children to this man. More people are talking about him than the children, and what a shifty unbelievable ass he is. I mean- why would anyone trust a man who has been in and out of prison all of his life? This didn’t happen by accident- and he isn’t a victim of anyone but himself- as it was his CHOICES that resulted in his constant prison background. But he just expects everyone to believe him and his intentions and when you don’t- he attacks you and begins to call you a disinfo agent. It truly Is one of the most pathetic games I have come across in all my years at this.


Yesterday was FULL of attacks- coming at me for speaking out against Abe and calling out his obvious bullshit. The biggest one was a guy on Facebook who calls himself Popoola Essien. First this man told me that he had never met Abe- nor was he friends with the man, but this morning he admitted that he Skypes with Abe all the time. Popoola’s real name is Olu and he is the one who did the forensic analysis of the Hampstead children when they retracted their claims to police (who were pushing for JUST THAT). He is as involved with the Hampstead case as anyone- and I have found that when he gets called out in his lies- he just switches and starts blaming the person calling him out. Today- this was published by another survivor who spoke out about Popoola.

Kristen Elizabeth‎ ·
I know this will bring me grief. While I have not suffered the same abuse as David and Fiona, I am reading this whole situation as a survivor first, and advocate second. This is an edited version of an email I wrote; David is publishing it on his blog. I wish to be up front in all things, and so I am copying it here. For anyone who questions my motives, I direct you to the new twitter account for Dearman Does Hampstead, where Ricky is accusing me of being its author, and Abe is doing a piss-poor job of proving I’m not. I know who created the site–don’t know how many others know as well–and I haven’t cracked yet. I’ve never been more at Abe’s mercy, though how it is Ricky can’t tell my IP apart from the owner’s IP, is truly a mystery. He’s thought for some time that I’m behind DDH, and created a Kristen Does Camden YT account some months back…he gives me so much credit I don’t deserve…meanwhile, here’s what David is posting on his blog:

I think this is where supporters and survivors are on opposite sides of a chasm–I tried warning Sonya about Gunderson being most certainly a double-agent–if a mother from the McMartin horror show, who was victimized by him, is to be believed. My attempt was dismissed, and others rebutted in the comments section, not with contradictory research, but with “feelings” and talk of “discernment.” I decided to ignore and move on, though I was fuming for a day. I believe her published support of Gunderson will have been a flag and/or a trigger for David and Fiona before any of the rest of this happened.
In short, I believe amateur hour is over. Supporters are ill-prepared to face a survivor’s reality. Why Abe should be so protected–and hypocritically–is the ultimate reveal. I bless David and Ed with every ounce of my soul and consciousness–the game just got real; problem is: most supporters still don’t get what Real is. I didn’t know, even with all my abuse, until the first lawsuit was filed against me…
Popoola really sank me the other night; I suspect he was attempting to interrogate me, the same as he had a go at D. I started fearing him–and I know better than to act in fear (it means I’m not ready for the backfire).
David’s gone and done a Jesus–the tables are toppled, and everyone’s found as they are, in all their second-guessing and lack of experience.
It’s inevitable and shitty, but it’s a growing pain, and a gift–people don’t get that David just struck a blow to rescue all of us, not least spiritually, by virtue of who he is and what he has suffered. Forgive them for they know not what they do–even my friends, who actually read his explanations as attacks, and ignore my offers to translate/explain. I know they won’t understand until they’ve learned the hard way.
Truth. It’s a bitch. Not good. Not bad. Just unapologetic.

I was not the only one who got attacked. Fiona Barnett- who is a survivor who is turning Australia on it’s ear concerning her allegations and all the work she has been doing.




So this bitch sent Fiona this nasty post- full of dead bodies and dealing with snuff films- which was done as a threat in my opinion and now is on a crusade to trash Fiona and her work.

These are the types of games that are happening all over the place. Which is why both Fiona and I are going at it as hard as we are.

The games are afoot- and every time we come across them- we are going to bring the people involved publicly to the table to show people what exactly is going on…

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