After My Interview with Ed Opperman on the Hampstead Case in the UK

I have been somewhat amused at the reactions from my interview last night with Ed Opperman and have decided that I probably should deal with some of the things being said in order to clarify.

First- Ed Opperman didn’t do this interview out of “revenge”. I actually called him and asked if he would interview me so that I could talk about what I believed to be my problems with the Hampstead case. He agreed. But it was me who reached out to him- not the other way around.

Copyright is an actual thing. And it is important. You can’t just claim someone’s work as your own just because you like it. It is sad that this is even an issue.

Now for the post Hoaxteadresearch article about me and all of the ludicrous comments that have been made. I shared the link so that everyone can go see what I am talking about.

First off- I never claimed to be “cured of my homosexuality”. Just because I have made the choice not to act on my sexual attraction doesn’t mean I am not still gay. What I do is my choice. I am still gay. I am still attracted to men. However, because of my faith- which this group obviously despises, I choose not to act on my attraction. I simply have MADE A CHOICE- which is my right to do. If I don’t want to have sex- why is that anyone’s business? And just because I choose not to have sex doesn’t mean I am not gay. This is incredibly stupid in my opinion.

I believe this group is upset because they all want to make it out to be about Abe- the convicted felon boyfriend- and keep it away from the children’s allegations. I do not doubt for a moment that the children are telling the truth- what I question is how Abe got them to talk and how did he know all the “right” questions to ask? He is very detailed in his questions- and the common person would not have any idea what to ask. Yes- I have stated that Abe must have done some “grooming” to get the children to talk. That doesn’t negate the truth of what these children said. One does not negate the other. Just because Abe used grooming to get the children to talk doesn’t mean that the children were not horribly abused as they said. What is suggests is that Abe was FAR MORE in the know before he got involved with this family only THREE MONTHS prior. Could he have been sent to the family and those children in order to do what he did? It is completely possible. One thing for certain is that Abe is being used by those who want to dismiss this case as the very catalyst to do that. As you can see in the comments- THEY ARE ALL ABOUT ABE- who certainly has the potential to convolute this case and get it dismissed. That is why I wonder if he wasn’t sent to this family for that very objective.

The UK has an undisputed cover up concerning an elite pedophile sex ring, which this side constantly avoids. The royal family has been busy passing laws in order to shield themselves from any accusations that might fall their way (and there have been plenty). If every survivor is a “nutter”- and someone from Hoaxstead has said there are THOUSANDS- and what we are saying is crazy and complete lies- then why would the royal family feel it necessary to pass such laws protecting themselves? If we are all crazy liars- WHY BOTHER? And why is there this huge effort to discredit all of us? Because we are TELLING THE TRUTH- and they don’t want anyone to see that.

Yes- I call this group the “pedophile protection squad” because they fight for all the accused and call anyone who claims they have been abused liars. Fighting for someone who has been accused of pedophilia is FIGHTING FOR THEM- and so the name is a no brainer. They just don’t like it because it calls them out for what they are. And since they are all posting as anons, everyone can see that they like to hide in the shadows. They NEVER use their own names. And they seek out and try to diss every survivor.

I also find it interesting that there is absolutely no mention of the Hollie Gregg case. A down syndrome child who claimed she was being ritually abused who came home with an STD. This is one of 19 cases in the UK- and this group is saying, as anons, that all of the victims are lying and that everyone accused is innocent. There has not been ONE CASE these people have come out in support of. EVERY victim is a liar and EVERY ACCUSED PEDOPHILE is innocent. It is sad. So when I call them the pedophile protection squad- I have good reason to do so.

As far as McMartin- I am not going to argue specifics. The whole thing is that EVERY ONE OF US is aware that it stands as the figurehead to dismiss every child who came forward claiming they were being sexual abused throughout the whole nation. And it was one of 7 daycares in the area claiming such abuse- along with THOUSANDS of daycares throughout the US. Accusations that came forth at the same time the UK was having issues with the same thing- and now we all know that there was a cover up there. What the opposition is trying to do is call every victim a liar- and claim every accused pedophile is innocent. It goes ACROSS THE BOARD. And this is the same argument we have heard for 30+ years.

I don’t believe that everyone who disagrees with me is a bad guy or on the bad side- but THERE IS A CONCERTED GROUP who is guilty of this. Some people simply just can’t believe that this could happen. However- since almost EVERY accusation deals with an elite group of pedophiles- believing that they don’t have the money or the inclination to try and steer the conversation away from the accused and trash the victims is ridiculous. I mean- come on- the royal family is now establishing gag orders and threatening jail to anyone who comes forward with any allegations concerning them. There is OBVIOUSLY some sort of cover up going on once again- and thinking that there isn’t a group that is working to help this out is silly. That is what they do. This is what they have ALWAYS done.

So if you want to turn a blind eye to children being horribly abused that is your choice. Just as me not choosing to have sex is my choice. But there will be consequences. And if you want to side with a group that ALWAYS defends the accused pedophiles- that is also your choice, but again there will be consequences. If you chose to believe a group that is SOLEY anonymous- that is also your choice. But you need to ask yourselves- why don’t they ever have the balls to stand publically by their convictions? Who are these people? The fact is- no one knows- that that is done on purpose. They could all be pedophiles- or worse. No one knows. The only thing anyone knows is that they DEFINITELY not saying.

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