Ella and Abe and Some of Their BS Against Me

John Graham Response from Ella + Abraham an hour ago: “We have been aware of David Shurter as a cointel disinfo shill for a while.http://www.dysgenics.com/tag/lying-fraud/ This was confirmed when he lied about knowing Tavitrained Charlotte Ward/Jaqui Farmer, & then staged a fake public falling out with her in a “secret” Facebook group in order to ingratiate himself with us . They worked together on a video in January 2013.

We played along in order to give him enough rope (hemp of course.) He once again exposed his intent, when after arranging an interview with one of his “contacts” a certain Steve, they both persistently attempted to locate us by encouraging us to record the interview via landline. We recorded the interview via Skype, with Shurter and Steve dominating the conversation. We had discussed sharing with their audience the part hempseed nutrition played in the children’s disclosures, but they expressed concern. We explained that the nutritional aspect was an integral part of the case, and they became agitated, so we agreed not to mention it.


Cathy O’brien explains that Cannabis/ Hemp/Marijuana deletes and prevents mind control.

We did NOT argue for an hour and 20 minutes as implied in their latest attempted hatchet job where they expose their obvious intent. We weren’t pleased with the interview, but were grateful for the chance to introduce the case to the American audience. Shurter then organised another interview with Doug Miller, another known F.B.I./C.I.A. agent, which we declined. Shortly after Shurter arranged yet another interview, this time with Ed Opperman.

Opperman obviously knew little of the facts of the case, repeatedly referring to Pauffley’s fraudulent judgement of March 19th 2015. However it wasn’t until we exposed the Trauma Based Mind Control element of the case that he showed his true colours, at one stage denying the veracity of our disclosure by saying,”..but that’s not true”

After the 2 hour show , he requested we do a further hour which we did . We agreed that he would air the show on Christ mass day. He however posted the video on his YT channel on the 22nd of December, and then accused us of leaking the show after 2222 found the show on his YT channel and reposted it. He threatened 2222 with copyright infringement, along with a tirade of verbal abuse insults and accusations.

2222 explained that because Opperman had posted the video on his YT channel it was considered fair game in Child Abuse cases, particularly in this case, where the guilty/State have been attempting to control the narrative and prevent the TRUTH from being revealed. We did tell 2222 & another supporter who were scheduled to interview us that we would do the Opperman interview first as he was waiting and eager. We also recorded the interview using a new mike, as listeners had complained of sound quality of previous interviews.

Ed Opperman seemed genuine, but has accused us of leaking our version to 2222. That is an easily disproven lie, as our vocals on our recording are much clearer due to the new microphone. Why would he do that, and why would we jeopardise the opportunity to reveal the TRUTH to his extensive network of listeners ?

Ed Opperman did express upset at the comments from Dearman’s 40 or so sock puppets,( he created some new socks for Christ Mass)

Youtube pulled 2222’s version but we still have the comments that show Opperman’s true colours.

Neither Opperman nor Shurter have replied to polite emails attempting to resolve what ‘could’ have been a misinnerstanding.

They have however recorded two shows where they blatantly and clumsily attempt to discredit us,( Abraham particularly )

They have been in a Tavispin since we publicly exposed the Tavistate/ British Intelligence, C.I.A. Trauma Based Mind Control aspects of the case, and these accusations are their attempt to discredit us, and control the narrative of the case. They obviously don’t want this info revealed to the U.S. public, and have staged this charade as an excuse not to air the revealing interview.They, (Shurter particularly) are concerned that they are unable to contain the story of State sponsored Mind Control Programs in schools to create an army of New Word Order slaves.

They are unaware that the Hampstead Cover Up is a poisoned chalice to ALL who come with ignoble intent.

The use of Occult practices, Luciferian/Satanic/Wicca, hypnosis, drugs etc. are all elements of State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, that are used to mislead & cover up the TBMC programs that have infested schools and pre schools/nurseries around the world,so no we haven’t dismissed the occult element in favour of MK Ultra/ Monarch, State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs.We are merely explaining how they all fit together. Their lies and Tavispin are transparent and they are merely the latest to be exposed by the Metaphysics of the Hampstead Cover Up.

Apologies for the length of this explanation, but these agents have dug a rather deep hole which they have proceeded to fall in.

Respect and Best wishes for the New Year.
e & a.”


Again- I think that Ella and Abe are working in conjunction with the bad guys to get all 19 previous cases dismissed, but I felt I should deal with this…

Again- this side LOVES satanist Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko. He MUST love the fact that all of the pedophile protection squad LOVES to use his article- which is complete bullshit- including the timeline that he gives about my childhood. But oh well….

I reached out to help them. Yep- I did. But during our conversations- I discovered they were either liars- or crazy. I don’t have the technology to find them by landline- this was done because Stephen couldn’t get Skype to work. If I was a shill- why wouldn’t I just use their IP address on their blog to find them? And I live in America and they live in the UK- so why would I want to know anyway? This is just paranoia. And stupid.

I wanted to discuss the case about the children- NOT ABOUT THE PARENTS FEEDING THEM CANNABIS. This case is about Ella’s children getting abused- not some weird crusade to talk about the nutrition of feeding cannabis to children. In America- all people would think is that these people were feeding their kids drugs- and I am totally against that. I wanted to talk about the child abuse case- not Ella and Abe’s uneducated thing about how Cannibis stops MKUltra training and substitutes for blood transfusions and all of the other crazy bullshit they spout. I don’t agree with them- and I wasn’t going to publicly support this. This angered them. When they don’t get their way- or what they want- that is what happens. Probably because Ella- who obviously has INCREDIBLY POOR TASTE IN MEN and suffers from “pretty girl syndrome” and Abe- who has spent his life in and out of prison- don’t have the capacity to do much else.

And I know Jackie- and she isn’t what they say she is. Nor am I. Nor are the myriads of people they have come against. Again- anyone who doesn’t agree with they say are playing for the bad side. Jackie has done more for good for this case than they have in my opinion- but that is because she is focused on the children and not Abe and Ella.

And yes- we did argue for an hour and 20 minutes- which Stephen Roberts can attest too. They wanted it all about cannabis and neither Stephen nor I were interested in talking about it. Stephen kept saying we were wasting time. And I was talking to Stephen during the conversation on Facebook- which I have screen shots of. I was trying to back out throughout- thinking that it was going to be a disaster. It wasn’t- but that was surprising. Ella actually TALKED about the children- and not her weird feeding children cannabis campaign.

There is NO WAY Abe and Ella can prove MKUltra involvement- and Ed was probably more upset that Ella and Abe switched in the middle- going away from what the children claimed and making it all about what they thought instead. Again- these two make it ALL ABOUT THEM AND WHAT THEY THINK and the children get lost in the process.

The whole thing about Ed and the copyright- again- I guess it is Abe’s felon background that allows him to think that whatever he wants should be his despite it being anothers property.

Oh- and this was the polite email that I received from Abe right after…


This couple DIDN’T take their children to a therapist- it wasn’t even them who called the police. What they did was make a YouTube video and try to profit off of the exposure. These two have done more to damage the case to help the children than they haven’t- and as you can tell by their post- they are fucking crazy or they are stupid. It is all about them. And anyone who stands against them- or criticizes them in any way- deals with this very kind of crap.

In my opinion- the children shouldn’t be placed with EITHER parent. They all suck. And this case- and these idiots- are being used to dismiss all the cases in the UK. I thought this was being done intentionally- and still do. I used to believe it was just Abe and gave Ella the benefit of the doubt- but this obviously isn’t the case. She is obviously WAY MORE into her felon boyfriend that has been in and out of jail over and over than she is into her own kids.

Of course James- her oldest child- who she abandoned- could have all saved us the trouble with figuring that out ourselves.

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