These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

Got attacked this morning by supporters of Ella ad Abe in a secret group about Hampstead on Facebook. If there is any question that the group supporting the children has been infiltrated- it has been removed after they went on and on supporting Hitler. But don’t take my word for it- read it for yourselves…

H Res
Secret Group

Maria MacMahon
1 hr
Can we set a time limit to the Hoaxsted style posts about those perceived at least to be on the side of getting this case investigated? For days we have gone around in circles that have been both divisive and counter-productive they have gotten people down when we need be strong. The points being made about Abe have been covered by the BBC, Daily Mail, Ham and High, Victoria Derbyshire, Hoaxsted, Wideshit and so on and so on. Now in a few weeks the custody case will take place, has anybody got any positive ideas to highlight the children’s plight and bring the focus back to them?

Araya Soma
Yes the focus seems to always go back to Abe, which has nothign to do with him, whatever he s done in the past , is not related to the children and he did what he did to get truth out of the kids, so anyone still steering focus onto him is defo not one of us

Maria MacMahon By the results of your labour you shall be known Araya and this group is sounding like Hoa xsted, not a group trying to form, a cohesive unit to get this case investigated, it’s like I’ve read most of these comments in the Daily Mail anyway.

David Shurter
Good luck trying to take the focus off of abe and ella when that is their sole focus. It isnt about cannabis or mkulta or anything other than the children. Pointing this out isnt disinfo it is just stating the obvious. The focus should have been SOLELY on these children the whole time and needs to return there for this case to go forward. My focus has been on the children, but it hasnt been easy. You can read what abe and ella wrote about me on my blog. Their focus is SOLELY based on them and this weird cannabis thing which they admit themselves took precidence over the children for them in our interview.

Maria MacMahon Stop trying to push the MSM angle that this is drugs and not hemp seeds, you’re not stupid, many people have tried to explain it to you but you ignore it as though sticking to an alternative agenda. I don’t need your luck David because truth doesn’t rely on luck. If I wanted to know any of the things you have posted incessantly about in the last few days I’d recheck the Daily Mail stuff.

Maria MacMahon Whilst I have your attention stop dismissing all the people in this group because they have not suffered as you have. Lots of people in this group have given up relationships with people they love over this case they have given everything they can. They have made themselves visible to the cult recognisable it’s not a competition.

Araya Soma SORRY to bust ur bubble david, but cannabis is entertwined with this drama. As it reverses trauma for one. Its others and peeps like u that focus on Abe, and he certainly has the right to retaliate. The powers that shudnt be will not release the children unless a miracle happens, if they do the house of cards wuill come down, so they ll do all they can to brainwash them some more, and keep them, else the can of worms already opened will be empty

David Shurter So where are your official studies showing this? Or is this just your opinion? It should have been about the abuse not about cannabis.

Araya Soma The ONLY thign we need to focus on is to bring all those FUCKS pants down , that will do it. Err yes we know and have done our research on cannabis, you havent . IT IS THE ULTIMATE MEDICINE and THATS THE REASON WHY IT ILLEGAL U TWUNT

David Shurter Not where i live. And i hear you shagged kevin annet so excuse me if i dont completely respect your judgement.

Araya Soma LOLLOL, i ve never met him in my life u utter cunt

David Shurter

David Shurter Wow such a vocabulary for someone claiming to be a shaman

Araya Soma David you are defo part of this cult , dont know why you re here talking shit , no i ve never met annet, i worked for him FROM the UK, he enver made it to the uK when wasmneat to meey him 2 years ago check your fucking facts

Popoola Essien
I think David gets all his news from his mates at Hoaxted

Maria MacMahon
You can’t call people a liar on the basis of gossip you heard David. Even if she had what sort of comment is that and how does it relate to getting the case investigated?????:??

David Shurter Same thing has been said about you poophead

Araya Soma I diont claim to be a shaman, WHERE ???? and for someone who claims to have been abused , seems to me you desreve it by sound sof it

David Shurter
So you guys can attack but if i defend myself i am the bad guy? Interesting

Araya Soma go back and suck cock elsewhere

Popoola Essien
I never shagged Kevin Annet grin emoticon

Maria MacMahon Me neither.

David Shurter Wow you are a piece of work araya. Bet you are a blast at parties. Lol

Maria MacMahon
She’s really good company. A nice, kind, bubbly lady.

David Shurter Yeah i can see that. Not someone you want to take home to meet the parents obviously.

Araya Soma me neither gross, last time he came here was 2011, never heard of him til 2013. david just go back suck cock and go back to your abusers at

David Shurter
Never said you did poophead but i am not the only one who thinks you are working for the bad guys

Araya Soma
I dont care what anyone thinks u twunt

David Shurter Why when it is just as easy to sit here and listen to you attempt to abuse me

Araya Soma If u fucked offf, then no one wud abuse u u utter cunt

David Shurter
Language. What an uneducated vulgar bitch you are. Lol

Araya Soma
U obviously LOVE it

Araya Soma
Keep coming back for more

David Shurter
And you obviously love to abuse

Popoola Essien Araya, David is in his element now. He feeds off the negativity. I would leave it.

Araya Soma it takes TWO to tango mate

David Shurter Like i give a fuck what a slut like you has to say

Araya Soma
Yes he loves to be abused

David Shurter
Yeah it does.

David Shurter
And you guys love to abuse

Araya Soma cunt dickhead bastard sick dumb fuck

Popoola Essien lol

David Shurter
And blame the one you are abusing

David Shurter Well a stupid cunt like you would know

Araya Soma Yes i blame u , u love being abused, if u didnt ,u wud have not come onto this thread knowing u d be abused now fuck off dickhead

David Shurter
Like a cunt like you is gonna tell me what to do. Lol

David Shurter Cold day in hell

Maria MacMahon
I don’t like this kind of insulting talk normally but boy David have you dished it out to a lot of people recently some of the women you have called vile names are upset about it so perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn and this may teach it to you.

David Shurter Well i figured out awhile ago maria that you will never take my side or agree with anything i say. No worries just pointing it out.

Araya Soma Blah balah, blah , u are a liar on top of thta. Kevin annett ???? Really, i ve been married for 20 years and have never met him, he also likes to suck cock maybe u two shud get it together

David Shurter Who other than today in this conversation?

Maria MacMahon
You liar I have supported you all the way even when I didn’t agree with you I just kept quiet.

David Shurter
If you dont know him how do you know he likes to suck cock?

Araya Soma Maria, this vile cunt is defo one of them disgusing as a poor me me me who se been abused, all BS

Maria MacMahon Clearly Araya.

David Shurter Yeah i can see that

Araya Soma
Oh i have friends in CANADA u twunt !

David Shurter What you dont like araya is that i fight back

David Shurter They as foulmouthed as you?

David Shurter Bet you get removed from alor of public places

Araya Soma No , i know who you are , its pretty obvious u like to be abused in every which way, just skype kevin annett, he d love to abuse you too

Araya Soma This vile cunt is takign the focus away as usual from what needs to be done why is fucking JACOB FARMER NOT removing him !

Maria MacMahon
David somebody asked me to ask ‘Are you Fiona’s handler’? I did tell them as far as I knew you only encountered her a week or so ago but he/she desperately wants me to ask.

David Shurter No i am not a handler nor am i disinfo. I have been at this for years before hampstead was even a case before those children were even born

Maria MacMahon
Thanks for answering.

David Shurter Fiona is too strong for a handler. But anyone who disagrees with this group is either disinfo or a handler as far as many of you are concerned

Maria MacMahon
Stick to facts David don’t make blanket statements about this group. It is an areas where these questions will pop up.

Maria MacMahon ‘A comment via Fiona’s page yday,… ‘Fiona Barnett Indeed it is. David & I are taking an unprecedented stand. We are exposing the highly complicated, intricate tactics these VIP Luciferian pedos use. Nothing is as simple as people have previously been led to believe. We’re naming names & talking specifics. We’re doing exactly what we were trained to do.’ What does ‘We’re doing exactly what we were trained to do.’ mean?

David Shurter
My position in trying to expose this is well established for over 12 years now publicly. That is why people esp survivors listen to me. That is what is pissing some of you off actually. Cause people are listening to me and finding sense in what i am saying. Some of you obviously don’t like it.

Maria MacMahon
Not true subjective not fact.

David Shurter
We are working together yes. Why cant survivors work together and support each other? That is bad?

Maria MacMahon
No again you deviate I clearly wrote the question was about the phrase ‘Trained to do’

David Shurter
We both were trained in the cult yes. What is your point?

Maria MacMahon
You got the point that’s why you responded.

David Shurter Why jump to the conclusion i am her handler? Why not ask if she is mine? Or is this about teying to passive aggressively try to undermine my credibility?

Maria MacMahon
Look I don’t know as I said the question was passed to me by someone who didn’t feel up to perhaps being called a cunt or worse.

David Shurter
I wrote specifically in my book years ago i was trained by the cult. I talked extensively about it in my book and on my blog.

Maria MacMahon You surely have to see how Fiona writing this could raise a flag or two ‘Nothing is as simple as people have previously been led to believe. We’re naming names & talking specifics. We’re doing exactly what we were trained to do.’

Araya Soma Nuffin credible abt david. He s one of them directing his egoistic self back unto him, all me me me , people listen to me WHO does , idiots maybe who dont know arse from elbow, anyone with an ego like him, is one of them , they are ALL ruled by ego , he s still with the cult, tryin to do damage control, when we dont give a shit abt him, only to rescue all the children infected by this primal ego bullshit

David Shurter
This question came as an attack on fiona yesterday. She told me about it this morning. And other than araya who started calling me vulger names show me even one time i have called someone a cunt or anything other than an idiot. Xause you cant. It is bullshit.

David Shurter Lol araya you dont have a clue what you are talking about. Best stick to vulgarity. It is what you are best at.

Araya Soma No better than your complete lying egoistic bullshite

David Shurter
And yeah i have an ego. Everyone does. And it has helped keep me alive and sane. But i dont expect you too understand sanity

David Shurter What have i lied about? You are just like the cult in that you offer a lot of insults but no facts.

Araya Soma
You lie abt everyhting, who you are , kevin annett, etc, go back to what u do best, fuck yourslef and suck cock

David Shurter
lol- wow- those certainly are not facts. and just because you deny you screwed Kevin Annet doesnt mean i am lying- oh shaman that you claim to be. Lol

Araya Soma
show me where i claim to be a shaman, and where did i meet kevin annett ?? in my worse nightmare is only place i ever met him ,u twunt. He s not been in uk since 2011 and i have not been out of Uk since 2008 . You the one who needs to check fatcs, and if u can lie abt all that what else ure lyign abt. In fact come to glastonbury, where i was menat with hundreds of others, menat to meet annett, who neve rmade it to the uk u twunt, and fatc u love being abused and reverse everyhitn onto me, Abe being bad, and u being good when u are clearly a liar cock sucker and part of this cult i wonder ewhy ure in this group u shud be with ur pals at and go fuck yourlsef since no one else will unless u pay for it, or get an abuser to do it, and since u seem to think u know so much abt me, shows u ve been spying and are well in with this cult !

Maria MacMahon
This group has gone from focusing on trying to get the case investigated into ‘The David Shurter slag of Abe and Ella show’ with an after show of attack anyone who doesn’t agree with me. Seig heil.

Araya Soma Bring back Hitler, he d know what to do with cunts like him heil !

David Shurter that is because I don’t believe Abe and Ella and that pisses some of you off. Too fucking bad really.

David Shurter oh- so now you are promoting Nazi’s. wow- you are enlightened

Maria MacMahon
So silly.

David Shurter Promoting Hitler isnt silly it is fucking sick

Maria MacMahon
You’re silly, but you knew that really anyway.

David Shurter
funny this group acts like a pack of rabid dogs and acts JUST LIKE the cult

David Shurter
funny how that works

Araya Soma
Theres nothign to beleive u ego twunt, u either know or you dont, and clearly YOU DONT ! No u twunt, Hitler was the good guy, u ve been brainwashed toi think different bombarded with lies, shows ur lack of intelligence

David Shurter wow- you really are a sick fuck. i think most of the world would disagree with you.

Araya Soma only stupid cunts like you beleive everyhtign governemt tells you u sick bastard

David Shurter
and only stupid cunts act like you promoting Hitler- just like the cult

Araya Soma
Dont expect any egoistic bastard to know lies from truth, david is part of the cult, we know, we re not stupid cunts liek you

David Shurter but the cult believes in Hitler as well- you would be in good company with them

David Shurter
you go on and on promoting Hitler but I am in the cult- interesting

Araya Soma No they dont theyre all jewish cunts

David Shurter but look at it this way- you could always be a nazi whore

Araya Soma Where did i say they only killed jews, there was a war on , anyhtign goes in war u complete fucktard

David Shurter well- again- you lost your chance to be a Nazi whore

David Shurter
I am sure you would have enjoyed it

Araya Soma i still do !

David Shurter
But the fact that this group is promoting Hitler is something i definitely need to talk about on my blog. I think people will find it interesting that you are the people supporting Abe and Ella

Araya Soma Good its t time to bring the truth abt hitler as far and wide as poss, but i dint expect u to tell the truth, just regurgitating the mind control governmet/cult bullshit, exactly what hitler wnated to do and DID remove those parasites from germany HEIL !!!!!

David Shurter
wow- just like the cult. they believe in Hitler as well

Araya Soma No they dont u complete lying twunt ! what a fu king liar u are, HITLER removed that evil cult from germany, hence why they went to war with him, since they are in every other government rukling us u complet fucktard ! u re complete dumb ass, no youre one of them thats why u soread lies and egoistic bullshit, its all abt me me me david the fucktard

Maria MacMahon Queue David writing a piece saying we are a cult ‘amirite?

David Shurter
sorry- it took me a minute to copy this conversation- i am going to publish it word for word on my blog. Thanks.

Maria MacMahon No problem with you sharing anything I say, feel a bit of injustice is heading our way because you don’t see your opinion as opinion.

Popoola Essien
Your friends at Hoaxted will love it. Well done.

David Shurter
i think it is important to show exactly who supports and Abe and Ella and exactly what you believe. Esp. concerning Hitler- which you started Maria. and yeah poophead- they will love it. Shows just what kind of people are supporting them- and it is all going to be in your own words.

Roy Hull Elder So; from supporting the Hampstead children we go by way of vile abuse and glorifying the death of people ( Jews and others ) in war to supporting Hitler!!! David wins. Best wishes Roy

Popoola Essien You like your little threats. You are supporting the cult as you “have been trained to do”.

David Shurter funny- i wasnt looking to win anything. and you guys are not victims in any of this. I am helping survivors being trained as I was. I am not helping the cult. Nor am I promoting Hiltler- that was all of you.

Maria MacMahon
Whatever, so some anonymous people on the Internet, gullible people will believe your malicious lies about me, I have enough people in my life who know I am a decent person.

David Shurter
Maria- it was your own words. no one typed them for you- any of you.

David Shurter oh and it wasn’t me who said Fiona and I are doing what we were trained to do- that was Fiona.

David Shurter and it wasn’t a threat- it is a fact. that is why we are making the progress we are.

Popoola Essien
“WOW- Hoaxstead actually mentioned my name.” – proud are we?

David Shurter
well you are working in conjunction with them so you tell me. obviously — since another victim came forward talking about you saying how you interrogated her and she felt threatened by you.

Maria MacMahon It was used to describe your behaviour and your expectation/demand from others to conform and agree with you, as well you know. Shills do that, take a little nothing and create a huge distraction.

David Shurter
so this conversation and everything that was said by you guys promoting Hitler is my fault? what- am I standing over you with a gun to your head telling you what to type and how to respond?

Maria MacMahon Had I wanted to say what you wrote I am more than capable, I meant what I wrote, not what you chose to paraphrase it as.

David Shurter
i am copying this conversation word for word. people wont have to take my paraphrasing. they can see what you said for themselves.

Maria MacMahon

David Shurter
cool- i am glad we are in agreement.

Maria MacMahon
I do think you are bang out of order for sharing people’s posts that they have posted in a private/secret group. things that they shared because this is not public information. Betraying them.

David Shurter are you more upset with that- or the fact that you guys are supporting Hitler and showing your true colors?

Maria MacMahon How can we have someone in a secret group who is sharing out information in a way that gives Hoa x sted easy access to what we do? Jacob?

Popoola Essien
And serving it up to your friends at Hoaxted. Nice.

David Shurter well- maybe you should keep your ugly thoughts to yourselves if you dont want people to know about it. but showing this shows who Abe and Ella’s supporters are- and I think it is important for people to see.

Popoola Essien
If that is not the definition of infiltration, I don’t know what is.

David Shurter well if anyone knows about infiltration it would be you poophead.

David Shurter what are you guys mad about? that I am going to show people what you said?

David Shurter why be so coy letting others know?

Maria MacMahon Come join a secret group to get the Hampstead case investigated oh and by the way there is no anonymity because someone will share your comments and they will appear on Hoax s ted!

David Shurter the cult likes to remain in secret as well. and you guys attacked me and put your crap up. I am just exposing it. Word for word- and you guys already said it was okay.

Maria MacMahon You were trusted to join a secret group and you blabbed untrustworthy and lacking integrity.

David Shurter
so you don’t want anyone to know that you support Hitler and think he is a great guy?

Maria MacMahon If we had wanted this public we wouldn’t have made it secret, it was not your decision to make to share what people wrote here in confidence. Despicable, you expose people who choice to remain in the background fore their own reasons.

David Shurter
well judging by todays conversation- it is pretty obvious why you want it to be secret.

Afterwards- Maria- who is an administrator- removed me from the group. Just as well- I always felt like I needed to take a shower after going to it anyway. But these are the types of people who are the BIGGEST supporters of Abe. I just felt that people should see and judge for themselves.


Oh- and this was the pleasant exchange I had with Abe (the repeated felon boyfriend of the Hampstead mother) this morning….
5:33 AM (2 hours ago)
to me

Well done, David!

… Giving up sodomy. That’s how your abusers kept you bonded and control you. Keeping you in low vibration/consciousness.
With God’s blessings.

David Shurter
6:47 AM (1 hour ago)
to Hampstead

lol- for someone who has been in and out of jail all of his life- the fact that you are talking about low vibrations/ consciousess is amazing. Considering what probably happened to you in prison- i am not sure you are a good one talking about sodomy.
Blessings back to you.

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