Today’s Backlash from Posting This Mornings Homophobic Pro Hitler Argument from the Hampstead Supporters Mafia

So I guess I was suppose to let this group abuse me and then not say anything. They are the victims in their opinion because I exposed their crap- but are not at any way responsible for saying what they said. This next conversation is inundated with satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greave’s crap- but I feel that I should publish the whole conversation just to be fair. So this group says it is fighting against the cult- but they have absolutely no problem using a satanists crap to try and trash me. They say that this exposes me as a fraud- but in my opinion- it shows exactly what I have endured throughout the years that I have tried to expose this. It shows the constant attacks I have dealt with. I am not going to do anything other than post the conversation on Facebook- without commentary or trying to defend myself- but for those of you who are interested- I have answered all of these accusations from satanist Dougy over and over throughout my blog. However- it shows that these “supporters” of the children will stop at nothing to try and silence me.

Alan Alanson Are you for real ? the big investigator/researcher….


Posting Screen shots of A secret group convo…

Alan Alanson
WELL DONE DICKHEAD… You are wrong on all fronts, falling out does not mean you go post private convo in PUBLIC… unless this was your remit all along eh?

Alan Alanson
WELL DONE DICKHEAD… You are wrong on all fronts, falling out does not mean you go post private convo in PUBLIC… unless this was your remit all along eh?

Alan Alanson
You are COINTELL David Shurter and you fucking know it, you have laids ya balls on the table for all to see… WATCH THIS QUOTE FROM YOU..
” I’ll have to put that in one of my blogs, this group supports Hitler”

A group trying its utmost to get this Hampstead Case reinvestigated

You’re numbers up dickhead, you have busted yourself AGENT MAN..

Alan Alanson
Your creditability & trustability has just shot out the window never to return…

“Right here, in this youtube video ( “David Shurter speaks for testify project…” You don’t even have to watch much of it, Shurter makes the claim only 20 seconds in.

On his blog, Shurter now says that his father was not involved in cannibalism and any suggestion that Shurter said he was would be “so way off base”. But the evidence is right here for you to see and hear. Shurter says that his father was High Priest of a satanic cult operating in Omaha…”and as his son I participated in and witnessed cannibalism, blood sacrifice and murder at his side…”. He can’t even remember what lies he has told about his family & childhood – all the proof that anyone needs, to know that this man is a liar and a fraud!”

Alan Alanson…/12/22/david-shurters-epic-fail/

David Shurter
And again the article you are posting again is written by a satanist. So you are claiming to be a good guy but using a satanists BS to try and slander me. Just like you are claiming i simultaneously stood over a group of people all over the world with a gun to their head and forced them to write about promoting Hitler on Facebook. For Gods sake take some responsibility.

David Shurter
There is way more to my life than Hampstead dude, and i have been trying to expose this before these children were even born. Blaming me for your group talking about Hitler is stupid. Like i was telling them what to type and say. Your problem alan is your little group isnt who you say you are and you are mad for getting called out. If they threatened to get you guys to talk about Hitler, it makes more sense you set me up rather than claim i was controlling all of you as to what you wrote. So please do ne a favor and go to hell.

Alan Alanson You are pathetic… One person mentions Hitler, & you say its the group!!

Alan Alanson

“Why Information at this Link was Removed” 28 July 2013

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Satans Shaman

David Shurter has been through an ordeal few of us can imagine. For that, he deserves sympathy. He is brave enough to speak out about it. For that, he deserves support.

But David also wants to be an unquestioned leader, guiding people into his version of shamanism. For that, he must be discredited and stopped.

Shamanism, as practiced by indigenous peoples, views the shaman as an extremely rare individual with beneficial supernatural gifts. The practitioners of David’s version of Shamanism consider everyone capable of becoming their own god. That sounds familiar. Isn’t that identical to the philosophy practiced by Luciferians, the same group of global parasites who are destroying our world today — the same group of psychopaths who devised David’s program of abuse in the first place? They have conditioned him well, and he is not even aware of how faithfully he is serving their zionist, anti-heterosexual agenda.

Instead of objective discussion, David counters anyone who tries to prevent him from being his own god, by launching vicious public attacks, accusing them of being paid government operatives, and casting spells for their suffering and demise. He believes his own personal feelings to be truth and law. That is a hallmark of a mentally unbalanced tyrant. It also raises questions as to how many of his subjective feelings can be relied upon as fact.

Therefore, I cannot in good conscience endorse David as a leader in the survivor community, or promote sales of his book. He is simply too damaged, too volatile, and utterly lacking in critical thinking skills. You can still listen and learn from his experiences (http:// web.archive DOT org/web/20140817062828/ But maintain a healthy distance. And work to help all survivors in their healing, not just the few who have elected themselves gods.

Alan Alanson

“Shurter calls himself an advocate for child sex abuse victims, but when his friends were charged with crimes against children, did he believe the children? NO! Even now, when he wrote this book, he dismissed the child victim’s disclosures as “ridiculous”. He goes on to refer to the three boys, who were 11 and 12 years old*, by the derogatory term of “hustler” rather than as child sex trafficking victims – which is what they would be, if they really had been prostituting themselves.”

/////*[Quoted from Mark Andersen’s appeal, click on State vs Andersen link further down; “Mark G. Andersen appeals his jury convictions and sentences on two charges of first degree sexual assault and three charges of sexual assault on a child. The victims were three preteenage boys in Omaha, J.M., B.T., and S.M…Andersen at time of trial was a 38-year-old homosexual male; his alleged victims, J.M., B.T., and S.M., testified truthfully to Andersen’s sexual behavior toward them; and at the time the offenses occurred, J.M. and S.M. were each 11 years old, and B.T. was 12 years old.”]/////

“He insinuates that because the boys were supposedly involved in prostitution, that would make them more likely to be lying about his good friend Mark Andersen abusing them! Some sex trafficking victim advocate he is – what a fraud! Shurter shows no understanding at all, that when an adult pays a child for sex that makes the adult guilty of child sex trafficking, and that the child is always victimized by such a transaction. He even commits the infamous sex crime denialist rationalization of minimizing the seriousness of the children’s accusations, saying that Andersen might have either “inadvertently” [HAH!] or intentionally “touched one boys butt” – but only one boy and he only touched it, he seems to be saying.”

“Shurter then goes on to slander the victim’s parents as extortionists, and dismiss the victim’s disclosures as payback for Andersen not paying the alleged extortion! He repeats this slander several times, even falsely claiming that it was established as fact in the trial.”

“Most outrageous of all, Shurter dismisses all of the victim’s disclosures and testimony, and all of the child pornography seized by police, as: “No real evidence linked Mark and Walt to any crime”.”

David Shurter
Dude you are an idiot. My life is so much more about Hampstead and you seem more than pissed i outted your little group, one who was a moderator of it, for going on about Hitler. You all wanna play games then man the fuck up and take the consequences. I have been trying to expose what i went through in omaha WAY BEFORE those children were even a thought so now saying i am here only because of you is ridiculous. And incredibly narcissistic. You just dont like the fact someone saw through you guys and said something.

David Shurter Wow you are pulling out everything the cult has used against me. Funny. But you are one of the good guys. Lol. Something tells me that isnt true. But go ahead, everything you are posting gives me the opportunity to deal with head on. So thanks. Keep it coming. Nut notice the dates of what you are posting. All of it happened way before hampstead was even a case.

Alan Alanson Bullshit, you claim the big I am regards Ted Gunderson & DeCamp, it was probably your doing that discredited those Guy’s… like you are now doing here re Hampstead.

Alan Alanson
You have outted no one but yourself Boy… We know who we are… & now we know who you are…

David Shurter
That is retarded. They discredited themselves. You are just having a hissy fit cause you all got called out and are mad.

David Shurter
Wow i bet you will be as effective with your supposed knowledge as you have helping the hampstead children. Sad.

Alan Alanson
You are cointell mate, you have called out nothing … only slated Abe & Ella, then proceeded to cause havoc in the group… THAT’S IT

David Shurter
you guys started shit, you guys promoted Hitler, but because i outted you, somehow you want to make it all my fault. Just because i let people know what happened.

Alan Alanson
You sir a fkn bear faced liar!! only ONE PERSON mentioned Hilter… now you say the group advocate it FUCK OFF you tit…

David Shurter
Abe lol. Speaking about cointel pro. Some stranger throwing a fit because i showed who you really are calling me something im not because of a hissy fit.

Alan Alanson

David Shurter
Maria brought it up araya went on about it and the rest defended araya. People can read it for themselves.

David Shurter More names. More hissy fit. Boo hoo hoo.

Alan Alanson
Listen Mr Shurter, I’m done with you… you are a blatant plant, Cointell operator… Leave this convo for all to see if you have the BALLS…

Alan Alanson
Pedophile protector – “one of Shurter’s most offensive habits, is gratuitously labelling anyone he dislikes as a “pedophile protector” – but this is also one of his stupider blunders, because he lives in a Glass House.”

///////“13 Charged in Porn Probe; Boys Taped, Debauched, December 19, 1985, Omaha World-Herald (metro): Omaha police began a roundup Thursday of 13 men facing a total of 99 charges coming from a six-week, citywide investigation into sexual exploitation of boys. [The list included Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen.]”

“Court Orders Trial in Sex Case, January 7, 1986, Omaha World-Herald: A 16-year-old boy testified Monday that he engaged in a sex act with Walter Carlson during the summer of 1984 after watching pornographic movies in Carlson’s home”.

“Jury Told Boys Fabricated Reports of Sexual Assault, September 9, 1987, Omaha World-Herald: A 38-year-old Omaha man went to court Tuesday for the start of his trial on charges that he sexually assaulted 11-year-old boys in his home. Mark G. Andersen …faces sexual assault charges involving three boys and five alleged sexual assaults in 1984 and 1985″.

“Jury in Sex-Assault Trial Hears Two Boys Testify, September 9, 1987, Omaha World-Herald (metro): A 13-year-old Omaha boy testified Wednesday that overnight visits with Mark G. Andersen usually included pornographic movies and sex. The boy, testifying in the second day of Andersen’s trial on charges of sexual assault involving three boys, said Andersen made sexual advances during most of the 75 or 80 visits to Andersen’s house in 1984 and 1985″./////

“In Shurter’s pathetic excuse for a book, “Rabbit Hole”, he calls Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen, his friends! His convicted pedophile friends! Worse, he dismisses the testimony of the child victims in these cases as “no real evidence” and tries to portray these pedophile perpetrators as innocent victims of a conspiracy by the boys and their families:”

//////“Mark Andersen and Walt Carlson were convicted and sentenced to spend years in prison. No real evidence linked Mark and Walt to any crime, but Omaha had become a circus dictating justice from a kangaroo court. The fact that the parents of the boy had tried to extort money from Mark before going to the police (which came out in court), was insufficient to save him and Walt from prison” – Shurter, in Rabbit Hole./////

“The facts are very clear, however, despite Shurter’s attempts to protect his pedophile friends. The record of Mark Andersen’s unsuccessful appeal contains particularly disturbing evidence of his perverted predatory behaviour, and the children’s sincerity comes through loud & clear:”

///////“Andersen at time of trial was a 38-year-old homosexual male; his alleged victims, J.M., B.T., and S.M., testified truthfully to Andersen’s sexual behavior toward them; and at the time the offenses occurred, J.M. and S.M. were each 11 years old, and B.T. was 12 years old.

All three boys testified to going to Andersen’s house to spend the night. Sometimes two of the boys were alone and, at least once, all three were in a group. Two of the boys testified that a normal evening was to watch movies on Andersen’s VCR and then to go to sleep, usually in Andersen’s bed. Sometimes, the boys also ate dinner with Andersen.

The boys related watching sexually explicit movies late into the night. The boys testified that when they did go to sleep, they were awakened later by Andersen’s sexual advances.

J.M. testified he met the defendant through his cousin, B.T., and B.T.’s friend, S.M. J.M. told the jury that he, B.T., and S.M. spent a night at Andersen’s together. There was evidence that a young girl was also present. The youngsters watched movies, then went to bed. The room in which they slept served as Andersen’s living room and bedroom. Furniture included a TV, VCR, a bookshelf full of videocassettes, and one bed with a separate mattress stored underneath. On this particular evening, J.M. was sleeping on the floor in front of the television. He awoke. Andersen’s hands were inside the boy’s pants touching his buttocks, J.M. testified. J.M. spent one other night at Andersen’s residence. He stayed awake all night and refused to return to Andersen’s residence.

S.M.’s testimony corroborated the above version of the one night at Andersen’s house. He also told of staying one night when B.T. was also present. After that, Andersen insisted that the boys come alone to spend the night. A typical evening for S.M. involved watching movies and going to bed. The defendant, who was naked, insisted that S.M. wear only underwear and sleep with Andersen in the bed, which was a single-sized, one-person bed.

On one occasion, S.M. awakened to an X-rated movie on the VCR and Andersen masturbating himself. S.M. told the jury Andersen also attempted to masturbate S.M. S.M. testified he stayed with the defendant many times over a period of several months and that every time, the defendant engaged S.M. in sexual acts. S.M. told the jury that the sexual activity progressed until one night S.M. was awakened when Andersen stuck his penis into S.M.’s rectum. The defendant also stuck his tongue in the boy’s rectum and placed his mouth on S.M.’s penis, according to S.M.’s testimony.

B.T. also corroborated J.M.’s version of the night all three boys stayed at Andersen’s residence. As well, B.T. corroborated S.M.’s statement that Andersen insisted the boys stay with him alone. B.T. testified that when he stayed with Andersen, he too encountered sexual acts similar to those suffered by S.M.

B.T. was also required to sleep in his underwear on Andersen’s one-person bed while Andersen slept naked. B.T. testified he awakened and found the defendant’s hand in the boy’s underwear masturbating him. Andersen also put his mouth on *210 B.T.’s penis and inserted his own penis in B.T.’s rectum, B.T. told the jury.

B.T. testified that between June or July of 1984 and early December 1985, on almost every weekend, both he and S.M. had spent overnight with Andersen at the defendant’s home. B.T. said he and S.M. visited the defendant on different nights of the weekend. B.T. testified that there was never a time when he visited Andersen overnight that a sex act did not occur. S.M. testified he stayed overnight with the defendant weekly during the summer and every other week during the school year. Andersen testified that during the year-and-a-half period, the number of times the boys stayed overnight with him may have totaled about 60″.////////

“David Shurter likes to call people “pedophile protectors” as a gratuitous, slanderous insult – but never provides evidence for a specific person acting as protector to specific pedophiles. By his own words, however, Shurter demonstrates himself to be exactly what he accuses others of being without cause.”

David Shurter Lol again using a satanists work to trash me but you have no affiliation with the cult. Lol. Anyone who speaks against your bullshit is cointel pro and you guys obviously have no problem with using the cults crap to attack with. You claim i forced the conversation and none of you are responsible for anthing you do. Promoting Hitler, using the cults BS against me even though you are claiming i am part of the cult and all kinds of other BS that none of you are responsible for.

Alan Alanson
ByVindalfon February 22, 2014
Format: Paperback

Rabbit Hole by David Shurter, is the best example of someone heartlessly exploiting the tragic topic of child abuse for their own self-promotion that I have ever seen. Everyone should read this book, or at least the free sample chapter available online, to learn what someone falsely claiming to care about sexually abused children sounds like in their own words. In chapter 8 of this book, “The Unraveling Begins”, David Shurter defends two of the most heinous convicted child sex abusers in Omaha’s history – his old friends Walt Carlson and Mark Andersen. Shurter dismisses the charges of crimes against children which led to these men’s convictions as “ridiculous”. Shurter dismisses the disclosures and testimony of the prepubescent child victims as “no real evidence”. Shurter slanders some of the victims & their families, claiming that the children’s disclosures were part of an extortion plot against Andersen orchestrated by the parents, and falsely states that this supposed extortion plot was verified during Andersen’s trial.…/product-reviews/0984893717

Alan Alanson What are you & Barnett ‘TRAINED’ to do David Shurter??

David Shurter
To recognize cult members such as yourself, who is showing how much i am NOT connected by to the cult by publishing every attack i have ever gone through with them but calling yourself a good guy at the same time. And showing your defense of members of your group who support and promote Hitler. But you claim i am cult but are going out of your way to show that im not by publishing every attack they have made in order to try and hurt me. You arent very bright concerning your argument. Again, in doing so you are also trying to assert you are a good guy.

David Shurter If i was cointel pro or cult, why have yhey constantly attacked me throughout the years- as you have so thoroughly shown?

David Shurter
If i was cointel pro or cult, why have yhey constantly attacked me throughout the years- as you have so thoroughly shown?

Alan Alanson
I FUCKING KNOW I’m A GOOD GUY… & I know what you are by your actions over on our page, I smelt you from our first convo re Satanism v Luciferianism…

Distracting BOLLOCKS…

Alan Alanson
You contradictory talk of ‘We must focus on the children’ then do NOTHING BUT SLATE ABE & ELLA.. Not once drawing a line under the matter, then moving on, it was A & E continuously…

Alan Alanson
Why are you defending the abusers? by helping them that would attack us…

David Shurter
Well i don’t want to sit here watching you attack me with all of the cults stuff while claiming you are a good guy. Trying to trash me because you don’t agree with me by calling me all kinds of things im not and then showing how you are wrong and then continuing to have hissy fits cause it doesn’t work.

Alan Alanson Why did you share screen shots from people posting in a group that is secret? Why did you enable a site he says belongs to Lucerferians to have the names of people trying to get the Hampstead case investigated? Putting them in danger if your opinion of them is to be believed?

David Shurter
Because i believe abe is cult. Ive said that over and over but you are so far up his butt you dont to hear it.

David Shurter Oh the conversation attacking me and promoting Hitler. I should take your crap and just be quiet about it. That is how the cult feels as well. Not much difference between the two of you.

Alan Alanson You believe???? you fucking idiot. or should I say well done, coz in that paragraph you have damaged the whole case.. with ya self-righteous, high n mighty opinion… I say well done because it is your remit to have that result eh?

Alan Alanson Why is your art shit?

Alan Alanson Why are you & Barnett tag teaming?

Alan Alanson Why did you & Barnett try to damage Sonya Vangelder?

Alan Alanson Why did she LIE about that Human flesh post?

Alan Alanson
Why did you bail from our page?

David Shurter I didn’t bail from your page. Maria, who is your moderator and was in this mornings attack- removed me. Again- you are not victims. You attack- then when you get called out- you claim you are the victims and blame the person you attacked in the first place. And anyone can go to Fiona’s page or my blog and read what Sonya wrote her and what she did. Again- you are just mad we called her out. You guys think you can use any nasty tactic you want and wont be called out. And when you are- you make yourselves out to be the victims. Like blaming me for what your group said about Hitler. God help those children if people like you are trying to help them- cause they are totally doomed.

David Shurter
Besides- why do I want to be involved with a group that is OBVIOUSLY rooting for the bad guys?

Alan Alanson Why did you attack Sonya Vangelder’? was it because of her opinion of Ted Gunderson & John DeCamp, that differs from your own Program…?

David Shurter Ummmm- she attacked Fiona- which EVEYRONE can see. I don’t trust Gunderson or DeCamp- and the fact that you all do show what side you are on.

Alan Alanson The only person apart from yourself to attack Gunderson was a woman whom was shown to wrong, if memory serves…

David Shurter
Then you are an idiot.

David Shurter
or a bad guy. I would go with bad guy myself.

Alan Alanson Considering you were so brutally abused as a child where do you get such high self-esteem… How come you can be so verbally abusive to folk, did the empathy get knock outta ya?

David Shurter i defended myself against abuse. What- was I suppose to run and hide when you guys attacked me? I could very well delete this post and all the crap in it but I am leaving it up so that people can see that you guys are using satanists crap to trash victims and show exactly what side you guys are on. And it aint the good guys.

David Shurter
people can read the conversation for themselves- I posted it on my blog. Which is why you are going on and on with this rant in the first place.

Alan Alanson
No my friend… I’m calling you for the the untold, intentional damage you have done to the Hampstead…

David Shurter
so you guys promoting Hitler and saying how good he was is okay- but I am the bad guy when I let people know about the conversation? Interesting how that works.

David Shurter
Posting all of the cults attacks against me is okay- but you want to assert that you are the good guys. I am bad because I defend myself. You attack- I respond- and then you call yourselves victims. Interesting.

Alan Alanson David… listen, it real simple…. You have created chaos on our page, INTENTIONALLY…. one or two called you out simple… you immediately go on the attack saying Araya ” you slept with K Arnet.. WTF is that all about, after she called you a twunt/cunt..

Because reference was made to Hitler by one or two in an argument… According to you now WE ARE ALL FUCKING HITLERITES you imbecile,

Can you see how you have exaggerated, accidentally on purpose??

You are calling us a Cult, when it is we who are trying to expose one… sort ya head out silly man, how folk have not got your flavor before now astounds me !

THAT’S IT, I’m here posting evidence of your suspect background which is quite telling really, this coming from a few sources…

Your programming has never been lifted has it Son? you are still dancing to their tune Brother…

Its never to late David Shurter, I know someone who works with those under their spells mate… Maybe now is the time to break it…

David Shurter
You attacked me- i defended myself- your group declared your homophobic pro hitler stance- but i brought chaos? Now you have posred stuff wrotten solely by satanist Doug Mesner but claim your good and im bad. You guys screwed yourselves and want to blame me but want people to respect you. And now you are threatening me while asserting your victims. You are daft.

Rebekah Whyte
David Shurter it’s time to grow up now and focus on healing yourself. Stop this freak show you have trapped yourself into before nobody ever aligns or listens to you again. You are only hurting yourself.

David Shurter You are acting just like the cult which shows who you are.

David Shurter
Telling the truth is hurting me? I should just take your attacks and run away but if i show what you are doing, im the bad guy and you guys are victims. Interesting.

Rebekah Whyte
David your programming is showing. This shit is meant to isolate victims and prevent unity. Can’t you see that?

David Shurter And what Fiona wrote about us doing what we are trained to do was done in a PRIVATE EMAIL so how did you guys get it? It was written to angela power disney who i blocked because i discovered she was working with the cult. We blew your cover and now you are threatening.

David Shurter
Calling the cult out is not my programming. The fact that you argue this is suspect.

Rebekah Whyte
You can suspect me all you want but I am not the one that got interviewed and chose to tell everyone to not trust victims cause they are whiny back stabbing babies.

Alan Alanson
David… you say it in you blog brother…

David Shurter You guys are cult, arguing for the cult with everything the cult wrote and now want to say i am guilty for your actions. And i never said not to trust victims but said they are whiny and focused on themselves. Many people have found this to be true.

Rebekah Whyte How else do you think they heal? That is exactly what you need to do til you deprogram.

David Shurter
and Alan Alanson i am NOT your brother.

Rebekah Whyte Eeew that’s masonic talk. Don’t call people brother Alan.

Alan Alanson

Alan Alanson Bottom line here davy, you have expoed yourself as cointell Op, simples your the only one who can’t see it, we in our group know who & what were about, & as of today we know who & what your about…

You Have help the SATANIC… LUCIFERIANS who run Hoaxstead mate, You have gave them Intell on us… & you have damaged the case by Slating Abe & Ella.. SIMPLES…

Alan Alanson David… read this again & count up your accusations against mate..A few new ones..

David Shurter You attacked me- i defended myself- your group declared your homophobic pro hitler stance- but i brought chaos? Now you have posred stuff wrotten solely by satanist Doug Mesner but claim your good and im bad. You guys screwed yourselves and want to blame me but want people to respect you. And now you are threatening me while asserting your victims. You are daft.

David Shurter
thanks for all of this. since you want your opinions out there- I again copied this conversation word for word and am going to post it on my blog. You guys are great!

Alan Alanson You can not help yourself can you?

David Shurter i dont seem to be having the issue with running off at the mouth and making myself out to be part of the cult. that is you and your little group. and no- you should have expected this.

Rebekah Whyte
David Shurter you have officially proven you are the victim you hate so much.

David Shurter
life is a bitch i guess. why- cause i wont run away from you guys attacking? that is what you want. for me to run away and stay silent.

Alan Alanson Crack on Son tis your funeral… No will ever trust you again.. you are finished as what ever you claim to be.. here in the UK & OZ… As I have many there that trust my judgement.. So fill ya boots Davy Boy, this ends one way…

David Shurter wow another threat and what way is that alan? cause judging by the numbers on my blog- which are off the roof today- you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Alan Alanson All you will do is FEED HOAXSTEAD… nothing more Davy Boy…

David Shurter
no dude- YOU are feeding them.

David Shurter you and your homophobic pro Hitler stance. And threatening those who don’t agree with you.

Alan Alanson
Threat ? again you exaggerate tis Your credibility, as what ever you claim to will cease to be…

David Shurter
i simply know how to fight back and you obviously don’t like it. What- don’t you have more of the satanists crap to post? and you never answered my question. Which way do you think this is going to end?

Alan Alanson
Which way do you think this is going to end?

The demise of your credibility

David Shurter
all the stuff you have posted just shows the attacks I have endured throughout all of this. And you have no problem using satanists attacks against me. This is all old- and hasn’t screwed my credibility. In fact is shows the attacks I have gone through. First with them- now from you. For not being cult- you sure do like to use their stuff to attack.

David Shurter
you do the cult proud dude- but I think you are aware of that already.

Alan Alanson Lies & exaggeration…. AGAIN

David Shurter
i posted the last conversation verbatim- just like this one. How am I lying showing your own words? And I somehow controlling you to do what you are doing? wow- you give me way more power than i actually have. and this attack all started cause you are mad I outed all of you- just like I am about to do again.

Alan Alanson lozers… Outed what?

David Shurter lol- so you using all the satanists stuff- which only comes from Doug Mesner- makes you look like a good guy? You need to wake up. And the fact that you are homophobic pro Hitler- that is kinda weird. So you think people are just going to jump on your bandwagon and agree with the lot of you? Interesting.

Alan Alanson
Two lies in one sentence Davy…

“And the fact that you are homophobic pro Hilter- that is kinda weird.”

David Shurter
did you read the conversation this morning- the one you are defending throughout all of this? I am the bad guy cause I showed your group for what it is- and now here you are attacking me trying too get me to do whatever. But this attack shows you are defending the conversation this morning and trying to turn it against me. You are just to daft to understand that. so this conversation continues.

Alan Alanson Oh & exaggeration… two folk mention Hitler & WE’RE ALL HOMOPHOBES & HITLERITES… real nice Davy Boy. real nice .

David Shurter people can simply read the conversation for themselves. They don’t have to take my word for it. Which is why you are attacking me right now. Cause you don’t like that.

David Shurter These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

David Shurter just so people can see for themselves.

Alan Alanson I don’t really need to expose you Son, you will undo yourself… showing the whole internet you methods & that you can not be trusted, by you informing on those who are trying to expose the very thing you claim were a victim of…

David Shurter
so exposing the cult- like yourself – and showing conversation verbatim of what you all said- is going to hurt me. Standing against your little group and calling you out- that is going to hurt me. Never considering that it was YOU GUYS who said what you did. You obviously have no responsibility for your actions- I am just wrong for showing people what you are saying. And this makes sense to you does it?

David Shurter i think it does more to hurt YOUR credibility and that is why you are in here pitching fits.

Alan Alanson
Did I partake in that convo? which you were happy to break confidences by making it Public, for our enemies to see & use against us?

Alan Alanson Do you now believe Hoaxstead to be right ?

David Shurter
i dont trust them any more than I trust you actually. I think you are all on the same team.

Alan Alanson Oh my… who fucked up are you ?

Alan Alanson Are those Hampstead kids lying ? like, according to you…Abe is a Cult member?

David Shurter you actions speak loudly dude. and no- the kids aren’t lying. Doesn’t mean Abe isn’t. One doesn’t negate the other.

Alan Alanson
So they must be lying… as Abe coached e’m eh?

David Shurter i have repeatedly said- interview after interview- that I don’t believe this is the case. But you don’t want to bring that up. You want it all black and white in order to try and bully me into submission. But I do think that if you aren’t cult- that you are ignorant. And this conversation is showing that over and over and over.

Alan Alanson
So… If you believe the kids, you must know the damage you have done going after Abe & Ella, & giving ammo to those that are protecting the Cult of abusers. IE running like a little girl spilling private convo for all to see, can you not grasp that?

David Shurter
ummm i believe Abe is playing for the bad side. And I have said that over and over. So no- I don’t believe this. In order to support the children I need to support Abe and Ella- even though one is not the same as the other. but this is the very philosophy that is being used to keep people submissive and going with the program. You are mad I won’t do it- so here you are.

Alan Alanson Even if I was severely beaten I would not go & inform on that person, you however get ya wrist slapped & you spill ya guts, can you see where I’m coming from David Shurter?

David Shurter
ahhhhh- so if you attack me I should just stay quiet. Like you are doing right now. I should just stay silent about being abused and who abused me. How does that fit with your support of the kids? Should they have remained quiet as well?

Alan Alanson
hahahahahaha.. you really are a knobhead… attacking you, no sir I’m calling you intell ass out in the cols air..

So no- I don’t believe this. In order to support the children I need to support Abe and Ella-

NO you ignore the fucking noise & concentrate on matters at hand, re them innocent children

David Shurter but stay silent if you have any misgivings. That is cult mentality. you should seek them out if you haven’t already- they would LOVE you.

Alan Alanson
We all know how Abe & his misjudgements have tainted this case… But were not shouting it from the rooftops like your sorry ass is, we stick to what positive things can be done, & work on.

David Shurter
yeah- the homophobic Pro Hitler argument showed that. Which is why you are in here bitching at me.

Alan Alanson And as for him doing jail, WTF does that have to do with this… I know folk who have done prison time & they’re the most trust wearthy folk i know…

David Shurter
yeah- cause every felon should be trusted at his word. what exactly did put him in prison over and over and over?

Alan Alanson Davy, Davy Davy… I was NOT even in your expose arguement convo ffs.. So how can I be “yeah- the homophobic Pro Hitler argument showed that. Which is why you are in here bitching to me.”?

Alan Alanson Right I’v had enough of ya fkn horse shit for one night… go post this on ya blog.. I couldn’t give a toss mate…

David Shurter
but you are in here defending it- mad that i published it. Which shows you have absolutely no issue as to what was said. A fact you are doing your best to deny- and yet here you are- all mad that i published it instead of going to the people who were in it and holding them responsible. they are okay- but I am the bad guy cause I let people see it. You want it to remain secret.

David Shurter
thanks for permission- that helps.

David Shurter
and obviously by this conversation- you care a whole lot more than you want to admit. I mean- you cared so much you posted everything the satanist Doug Mesner has ever written about me. Because you care that I outed you guys.

Alan Alanson
Good nite David. watch out for ya demons…

David Shurter oh- don’t worry- I have my eye on all of you for sure.


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