The Games Hoaxstead Plays…

“The interview with Ed Opperman, which was to have catapulted Abrella into the stratospheric realms of internet stardom, has instead become an albatross around their collective necks. And it looks as though they’ll be carrying some of their most fervent supporters with them: Angela Fag-Ash Disney, Guidance/Code 2222, and Olu Essien Popoola all look set to take a tumble as Abrella’s stock slips from blue chip status into the low single digits.”

Abe’s stock plummets in wake of Hoaxtead implosion

These are the VERY PEOPLE who are working hand in hand with the Hoaxtead Research team. They call these people out not because they are working with survivors- but because they are working for the bad side and they call them out to make them look like real advocates so that survivors will work with them. This is a game. These people are working with Hoaxtead and they call them out to make people think that they are against them when really their objective is to give these people credibility so that survivors CONTINUE to work with them. It is a kind of slight of hand in order to make them appear like they are good guys when really they are anything but. This is done as a game. I just wanted to point this out. Hoaxtead is calling them out on purpose- so that survivors will believe that these people are working for the good side when they are anything but.

One needs to be aware of the games when dealing with this mess. These people ARE NOT to be trusted- and it doesn’t matter what Hoaxtead says.

Also- Angela Power Disney and I only spoke a few times during a few days- and it was NOT a long term friendship as the Hoaxtead people claim. She always wanted me on video when we Skyped- always wanted to speak about Michael Aquino- and when that didn’t work- that is when she told me that she wanted to invite me to join forces with Doug Deitrich, an Aquino apologist and friend of Michael Aquino. I blocked her on Facebook- and when I realized she had another account- I blocked that one as well. This happened within a weeks time. So unless Hoaxtead is asserting that a week or less is a long standing time- they are deliberately lying and trying to deceive- trying to give her credibility by saying that we are friends and blaming Abe for the fall out. It had nothing to do with Abe but was Angela herself that caused me to block her- and this all happened within less than a week.

This is a game. Hoaxtead are NOT good people. And I am not trying to help them at all. i think they are a group of cult pedophile protectors and are as bad as any in this crap. But I wanted to point out the games that they are playing- and to warn people that if they come out against certain people- chances are they are doing this because they are WORKING WITH THEM and they just don’t want anyone to know.

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