In Regards to this Argument that My Anger is Unjustified or that I am Thriving on Negativity

I want to deal with this whole issue that people have with my anger and this argument that I am thriving on negativity- which is being used by the people who are directly against me.

Let me remind everyone that God himself has wrath. Anger is normal. Alan asked me what I was trained to do- and so let me answer. I was trained to focus and use my anger to drive through whatever is in front of me. It doesn’t fuel me- but rather focuses me. I was taught the same as Fiona- to see through the bullshit and deal with it head on and use my anger as a driving force.

My question is- in dealing with children being tortured, raped, and murdered- should I be happy? Should I be happy with all of the attacks I have endured trying to expose this? Because I think that would be highly disingenuous. People are claiming that anger is wrong- that is connected with the dark- but God himself has anger. I believe that my anger is a righteous anger- that being forced into the positions I was a child and the anger that I feel towards it is normal- and human. People claiming that I need to let my anger go generally are not ones who like to deal with their own anger. Why? Because it makes them uncomfortable and they don’t like to deal with that. No- anger is not healthy to focus on 24/7 but I don’t. I have a great life- a lot of love- and I am not always angry. But yeah- dealing with this is frustrating and does make me angry. And I have a tendency to vent. Those who find this unpleasant are just trying to placate themselves in order to make themselves comfortable. But my contention is that the horrid abuse of children SHOULD make a person angry and that it is normal and healthy.

There are many people NOT connected to the cult or the bad side who are upset at my anger and uncomfortable with it. So they would rather just go with the flow. Of course- the cult has control of that direction. It seems that people might not like the way that the world is going- but they still sit passively by and allow things to keep going because they are afraid of their anger. However- anger is part of the human condition. We all have anger. But for some reason- if you show that anger- however human that anger might be- oftentimes you will find yourself discredited for showing that anger. Would it be better if I was happy dealing with child torture, rape, and murder? Would that further my cause? I don’t think so. I find this situation repellant- and so I am angry that it has been allowed to endure for so long- by a society that is more than eager to look away in order to make themselves feel better. I don’t like anger- it is exhausting and depleting- but sometimes it is necessary. I believe that this situation is one of those times that anger is righteous and justified- and I don’t respect those who disagree. If the horrific abuse of children doesn’t make you angry then there is something wrong with you. One thing I know for certain is that God himself is angry about it. And if anything should make us uncomfortable- it is that fact and that fact alone. And this compulsion society has to look away and just allow it to happen has made God very angry indeed.

I am not going to apologize for my anger- nor am I going to apologize for expressing that anger instead of bottling it so that others don’t feel uncomfortable. I do not like what I am doing with all of this. I certainly don’t like being put in the position that I am, but I don’t feel as if I have any choice. If I turn away so that others don’t have to deal with their unease concerning all of this- it will make me complicit with the rape, torture, and murder of children. I am not. So I will continue to do what I am doing. Does this whole mess anger me? Yep- it sure does. But will I turn away just to placate myself and others- absolutely not. Besides- other than Fiona Barnett- I don’t see any others who are trying to expose and change this situation. The good guys generally are working in conjunction with the bad side- which is why these type of situations have been allowed to thrive as they have. She is actually no happier about children being raped, tortured, and murdered than I am. Why? Because she is human- and it shows that those who AREN’T upset with this have lost their humanity. If you don’t care about children- who have been named God’s favorites over and over throughout time in every spiritual text we have, then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Turning away from children is turning away from God- and claiming otherwise is ignorant and folly on your part.

So I will continue. Do I like the negativity- which has been heaped on me? No. Will I run and hide from it? No. Why? Because I love God and I love people and I love children and sometimes we all need to take a stand to do what is right and just to show God that we love God. Our true faith is determined by our acts- not our talk. If you don’t want to take a stand for children- then don’t. But when the consequences come back and bite you on the ass- like going on and on with homophobic Pro Hitler rants and then crying when it gets exposed- the consequences will be yours alone- and no amount of whining will change that.

Child abuse to this degree should make all of us angry. If it doesn’t- then you need to ask yourselves what exactly is wrong with you- because being angry about this is human- and if you aren’t angry about this situation- there is something wrong with you and not those who are angry. The problem lies with you and your compulsion to disregard everything but your own need to be comfortable and happy. God isn’t happy. So why do some of you feel that you should be? Are you above God? I don’t think so- and those who think they are have ALWAYS fallen into chaos. Anger is normal- it is natural- and it is reasonable. Constantly denying your anger- or running from it- is not. No matter what your new age bullshit tells you.

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