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Getting Attacked and Threatened

So now I am going to end up on a milk carton? Since only missing kids end up on them- it isn’t likely- but since only the MISSING end up on milk cartons- this is a most definite threat…

A Transcript of My Video on Craig Sawyer that was Removed Today an Hour After Posting

And now I am blocked on YouTube for two weeks now… I typed it out EXACTLY as I spoke it… It is July 9th – this is Dave Shurter- and this is my video for today. Ummmm- I received a threat from Craig Sawyer and now he is posting all about me on Facebook. Ummmm- […]

My New Video Speaking About Craig Sawyers Threats Against Me Was Removed Within an Hour

Nothing was wrong with it- just spoke about what was sent to me today. Maybe he shouldn’t have sent them…

Craig Sawyer Sent Me a Threat on Facebook Today and is Now Campaigning Against Me

A Threat from Craig Sawyer on Facebook

So instead of using his donations to save children- he is going after those who call him out… THEN he posted this on Facebook- but if I was such a nobody- why would it matter what I say? And THIS is how it started yesterday- but if he had no idea who I am- why […]

New Video About Jacob Wetterling (Not One of Mine)