A Transcript of My Video on Craig Sawyer that was Removed Today an Hour After Posting

And now I am blocked on YouTube for two weeks now…

I typed it out EXACTLY as I spoke it…

It is July 9th – this is Dave Shurter- and this is my video for today. Ummmm- I received a threat from Craig Sawyer and now he is posting all about me on Facebook. Ummmm- the dude says he doesn’t even know who I am yet he was following my Twitter yesterday morning which is how it all started. If you want to go read the conversation and the stuff that he sent me you can just go to my blog- DavidShurter.com S H U R T as in Tom E R. I’ve regained control of it- someone helped me get back control of it so now I am able to post on it again.

Ummmm- so now he is threatening me with lawyers so basically instead of taking his donations and helping children he is going after someone who he claims is a nobody because I speak out against him. You know. So that is how he is spending his donations. And what is he going to do? Basically what I said yesterday in my video is if you send him a check in the mail he has access to your bank account- your signature- your fingerprints- and if you lick the envelope- your DNA. What’s wrong with that? You know- it is just logical- it’s just sensible- but now he is on this whole campaign and I ALSO want to point out I never once said that he was working for Hillary Clinton. HE said that this morning when on the Wikipedia thing it just says Clinton. And I didn’t know if it was Bill or Hillary so I never mentioned any names but now he is saying that he worked for Hillary. And so this whole situation is bizarre. And he is telling everybody that I am a nobody but if I am a nobody – why are you fighting me so hard? You know.

And the comments underneath about me not allowing comments is because I am not going to spend all day fighting with people on those YouTube comments. You know. And I have already pointed out- there is a protection order and I am NOT having the information about that protection order put in those comments so that I get in trouble. I’m not doing it. You know. I’m not setting myself up for these people.

But a- if I’m such a nobody- why does he care? But let me point out something- I’m involved with this because I have been spending the last trying to get my dad investigated for child trafficking and THAT is what they are fighting. They are fighting from that information ever coming out. You know- that is what this whole thing is about. And what he did today with the stuff that he posted on Facebook which I got- ummm- he does exactly what the perps do. He is making ME be the villain- oh I have anger issues but do I seem angry? I’m not angry- I’m just calling shit out. You know? I’m not angry about it- this stuff doesn’t make me angry anymore it’s just irritating. But it doesn’t make me angry.

But he makes ME out to be the villain and himself out to be the hero. You know? But again- if you mail him a check- you are giving him your bank account information, your signature, your fingerprints, and if you lick the envelope- your DNA. And whether or not put your return address on the envelope or not- the postal center will put a stamp on there- so he will know where you are at. You know? That’s how the mail works. You know?

And a taking me to court- go ahead. I don’t have shit- ya know? I don’t have shit. You know- and a ya know- there’s not anything you can take- can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. And I have NO MONEY. Ya know. So go ahead. And a you made yourself out to be a public figure and public figures can be spoken about. Ya know? And a just because I don’t kiss your ass and regale you and make you out to be this hero- I don’t believe it. Ya know- I don’t believe it.

Esp. now that you admit that you were working for Hillary Clinton. Ya know? And so a this whole situation is just bizarre. Cause if I was such a nobody why would you fight me so hard? Ya know?

We serve different masters- and you can only serve one. And I serve God and I am trying to expose this child trafficking. And a- I don’t work for the devil. You know- I never have worked for the devil and a you can say that Hillary Clinton is a “serpent” but boy you sure did work for her. Ya know? And a YOU admitted that cause in Wikipedia it only says Mr. Sawyer that you worked for Clinton. It didn’t specify which one- YOU specified which one. Ya know- so…

And I’m not angry about this situation as I have a life- and I just do what I do and if you don’t like it- tough shit. There is a lot of people who don’t like what YOU do- tough shit. You know- do you care about them? Ya know.

But a it’s just- you know- it’s interesting- it is interesting- and no I ain’t going to allow comments cause I ain’t gonna have this army of trolls who get on their to try and cause all kinds of problems. You can listen to it- figure out what I say- agree with me- or disagree with me- that’s everyone’s choice. Ya know- that’s everyone’s choice. And a I don’t HAVE to give you a venue and I don’t feel obligated to give you a venue and I am certainly not going to do it. Ya know.

You’re the one who attacked me on Twiter yesterday- you’re the one who has attacked me on Facebook today- You’re the one who is setting up the campaign which is bizarre you go and tell everybody that I am a nobody- but if I am a nobody- why are you attacking me so hard? What would it make- why would it make a difference what I think? Or what I say? Ya know. Why? You know? Why? And in your videos you said there was a political said that there was a political organization that attacked you- so if you worked for Hillary Clinton- does that mean it was the Republicans or the Democrats? Cause that is a good question. You never specified which one- let alone this terrorist organization that took down all of your funding and all of that. You know? So there are questions that just don’t make any sense- esp why are you attacking someone that you say is a nobody. Ya know? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

And that’s my video for the day.

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