If I Should Die on a Plane Today

Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves has been employing our governments DEW weapon on me at intense levels- knowing that I have to board a plane today to go face a set up with this protection order today so if I happen to have a heart attack or stroke on the plane just realize it wasn’t just a natural thing.

Again- he is totally connected to this protection order as every video listed on the original order ONLY and SOLELY dealt with him and were ONLY about him.

This is being done to stop me from exposing my family who was involved with child trafficking and I am hardly the only survivor he has gone out of his way to murder as he and his group were involved in the murder of Lori King AND her husband- who died less than a year later. And God only knows how many others.

Myself and several others have contacted the Dept of Justice to report his nefarious activities- which he is very proud of- which is why he uses the name “John Kilrush” as he gets a “rush” from “killing”. He feels he can do anything his black little heart desires.

The dude and his Satanic Temple followers have nothing but disdain for normal society as they are now suing Scottsdale Arizona- claiming religious discrimination. This is how they get their money- by setting people up between a rock and a hard place. They are obviously NOT against harassment- manipulating the legal system- nor are they against murder. But then what can you expect from those who serve themselves as devil lovers.

Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves aka John Kilrush is working with Col. Michael Aquino- founder of Satanic ” Temple of Set” who’s career was in the Air Force- the same Air Force that told Congress in 2006 about their DEW weapons and how they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were “safe”. This can be seen in the correspondence I had with Mesner which I posted on both my blog and my Google plus account where he goes on and on about Aquino and how “innocent” he is.

They are killing survivors in hopes of hiding their vile crimes against children. All the while claiming THEY are the victims- which is obvious considering their claims in Scottsdale Arizona.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord- but the fact that this group is being protected by our government shows what master our officials adhere too. Only THEIR religious freedoms should be protected in their opinion- all the while claiming that their beliefs AREN’T religious in nature. They speak out of both sides of their mouths and they get a ” rush” in killing for their objectives. At least this is true for Mesner aka John Kill Rush.

If I SHOULD die in all this- just know I believe I made the right choice. I stood against evil- those who murder indiscriminately – ESP children. I would say they can go to Hell- but I am sure that IS where they are headed. Question is how many will they be allowed to murder before that happens. But whatever- it is in God’s hands. The very God they fight against- all the while claiming He doesn’t exist.

They best hope their delusions are true.

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