Letter to Dept of Justice: National Security

These Are The Readings In My House After My Two Videos Yesterday

Just got back from court in Pacific WA and was able to read the police report for the first time that policeman Ryan Miller filed which was full of 1/2 truths and flat out lies. My “lawyer” – who I paid 7000 dollars for- freaked out on me when I told him I was contacting you- but this harassment order that was supposed to be over in May has been extended a year now- and I had to sign paperwork that if I break the rules I am going to jail for a year now.

And they have their weapon on me immediately getting into my house- and the readings show it is coming from next door to me. Obviously these weapons exist.

Again this is being done to shut me down to stop me from exposing my parents being involved with child trafficking.

I have contacted you repeatedly- trying to get some help but you are either not interested or you are working to help the child traffickers. Not sure which at this point.

This situation is a mess and it is obvious why more people don’t come forward.

I need you to do something to help. I am taking screen shots of this correspondence and sharing it.

Our government sucks. You are either totally incompetent or are evil beyond words but – have fought this hard for 15 yrs and am not going to stop now. Perhaps alerting other countries as to what is happening is my next move…

David Shurter

I say that it is happening- John Killrush aka Doug Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka satanist Lucien Greaves laughs about doing it and says there is nothing I can do about it- who was ALSO involved with that protection order as ALL and EVERY video listed on the original order ONLY and SOLELY dealt with him- so OBVIOUSLY there is a connection- but our government does NOTHING.

Only God can help cause no one in mankind- at least in America is interested in anything other than protecting the child traffickers.

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