Their Plan is to Have Me Murdered in Jail

So how did I mess up on the harassment order? Well I missed taking something down on my Facebook that I had posted last April- but the charge wasn’t filed until September- and at the time I was sharing 20 things a day and since I only had a phone- I simply missed it.

THIS was my huge offense- and last night- judging by the reads on my blog- they are trying to do the same thing.

And as that video I was sent will show- this “Emily Thorn” is bragging everywhere how she is attacking me and having “fun” doing it.

This is my situation- my therapist has to send monthly notices to the court- and if they claim even ONCE she didn’t get one- it’s off to jail I goI where Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush has assured me I will be murdered.

As you can see from an email I received from my lawyer… so you can easily see what they have planned.

Mesner aka Doug Misicko aka John Kilrush aka satanism Lucien Greaves is an EXPERT at manipulating the judicial system- as we are seeing now in Arizona.

” David:

I’ll let you decide those issues, that was just my opinion.

You can send the treatment reports to the prosecutor, but you should retain copies for yourself, just in case they are lost for any reason. When you send them, please reference your case number (Case Number 7Z049589) and send them to:

Attn: Prosecutor Renee Walls

The Walls Law Firm
16300 Christensen Rd Suite 306
Tukwila, WA 98188

If you sign a HIPAA release, she can talk or communicate with anyone you would like her to. Normally though, she would just send over a signed letter, on her letterhead, that said something like:

David has been in treatment with me since ______(date), and he has been diligently attending all of our mental health counseling sessions. He has been making good progress, and has attended _____ (number) of sessions this last month. David is in complete compliance with his mental health treatment program, and look forward to continuing to treat him.

(doctor’s signature)”

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