Why I Am So Afraid for America As It Embraces the Philosophies of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American philosopher who developed a concept called “Objectivism”. Nothing more than an extreme version of “social Darwinism”, it extols the virtues of greed and personal achievement by promoting individual happiness as the only moral imperative and making money the only “noble” achievement of man. Discounting faith completely- it goes further to suggest that “reason” is the only absolute that mankind should trust, claiming that rational self-interest is the only objective mankind should strive for. Altruism is considered to be irrational, claiming that the sick and the poor are where they are because of their personal wrong choices, and to give them anything is only promoting their “bad behavior”. The only absolute in this theory is rational based egoism- where the achievement of financial gain to obtain true happiness is the sole objective to life. As our political leaders pass more and more laws against the poor and middle-class, it can easily be suggested that it is this philosophy, although often misunderstood and completely misconstrued, is what is justifying and fueling their actions. Making our world increasingly more and more scary, money has become the God in which we are all being compelled to worship, and to do anything otherwise is to promote our personal downfall.

Altruism is wrong- the only thing we should focus on is selfishness. The ultimate champion for hedonism, she and her philosophies of life are egocentric to the point of nausea.

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