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A Warning to Survivors

There are some who make a living by finding survivors, such as this author, and doing their best to discredit them. I have been working in the survivor community now for over a decade and have come across this group over and over. They dedicate themselves to trying to trash survivors in order to prevent […]

Pointing Out the Old Arguments That Have Been Used to Distance the Public From Considering the Validity of Satanic Abuse

I found the article below on my Facebook page this morning and wanted to comment on the article because it entails all of the arguments used to keep people from looking at the validity of satanic worship and what is really behind this mess. I wish to point out several inconsistencies to this argument- and […]

Another Argument From False Memory Supporters- The Number of Those Who Are Wrongly Accused of Being Abusers In the comments lay another well known argument that has been used for three decades from the people who support the False Memory Foundation- and that is their claim that myriads of people were accused and went to jail for abusing their kids when mischievous therapists convinced them that their parents had abused them. […]