Pointing Out the Old Arguments That Have Been Used to Distance the Public From Considering the Validity of Satanic Abuse

I found the article below on my Facebook page this morning and wanted to comment on the article because it entails all of the arguments used to keep people from looking at the validity of satanic worship and what is really behind this mess. I wish to point out several inconsistencies to this argument- and offer another perspective by focusing what happened in Omaha Nebraska in 87′ concerning a failed savings and loan called “Franklin Credit”.


First of all- I have never read “Michelle Remembers” nor have I read “Sybil”. These two books are regarded as the cause of beginning what the False Memory Foundation has deemed “Satanic Panic”- as THEY are the ones who coined the phrase. In fact- I have not really read any survivor books, for the main reason that I didn’t want what I remembered to be associated with any other survivor stories. Although I have watched “The Omen”, I have never found myself to be swayed by a movie or book like what this group asserts happened. The Amityville Horror was a great book and was a best seller for a long time- yet no one saw a rash of people claiming their houses were haunted- and Stephen King is a brilliant author but hasn’t spurred the panic that these two books supposedly did. Claiming that the public coming forward claiming their children were being abused had more to do with day cares than it did books- and if people remember correctly- when these allegations came out- it had more to do with McMartin day care and the Presidio- just to name a couple- and the fact that children were claiming they were being abused.

In fact, it is my contention that the media was USED to do their best to discredit Satanic Ritual Abuse. Geraldo is often spoken about- esp. his program where he was suppose to have a family of Satanists on his show. However- just like what happened two years before that when he broke into Al Capone’s secret vault- he was left empty handed. Oprah had Col. Micheal Aquino on her show- as did many other talk shows- but afterwards- 800 people called in claiming that he had satanically abused them. Both Anton LeVay- who headed the Satanic Church, and Col. Michael Aquino, who founded Temple of Set- were well known Satanists and friends with George Bush Sr., and Col. Michael Aquino was called out as being instrumental in what happened at the Presidio day care.

The phrase “Satanic Panic” was coined by the False Memory Foundation- a group of people who claim that memories of satanic ritual abuse in childhood are ALWAYS a result of repressed memories that have been developed with hypnotherapy, drugs, and bad therapists- however- this is not factual. They also claim that when children began talking about being satanically ritually abused in their day cares were being coached by over reaching therapists, social workers, and law enforcement officials. UNSOLVED cases, such as the Oakland Four in Michigan and the Memphis Three show that there were children being ritually murdered- and the Oakland Four happened in the 70’s- well before “Michelle Remembers” hit the market.

Kenneth Lanning, the FBI agent who wrote that there was NO evidence of satanic ritual abuse DID NOT WORK FOR THE FBI AT THE TIME HE WROTE HIS REPORT. Also- there are many- myself included- who believe that our government was behind this report- and that Lanning was doing his best to cover the facts up. The fact is that children were being abducted, sold, and used by our leaders who were involved in a mind control program called MKUltra, among other things. Inordinate amounts of money were made with this child trafficking organization, and Omaha is just one example of this.

Paul Bonnaci is often spoken about when Franklin comes up- but the case was about the fact that a minor by the name of Alecia Owen claimed she was raped by Robert Wadman, who was chief of police in Omaha at the time. In fact- during the grand jury investigation, she was carrying his baby in her stomach. Bonnaci was the VERY FIRST PERSON IN AMERICAN HISTORY to talk about dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality disorder, with regards to satanic ritual abuse and MKUltra- but was so unbelievable that the public discounted his story and it was called “a hoax”, although no one could tell who instrumented this hoax. However, a British documentary entitled “A Conspiracy of Silence” shows that there were major problems with this investigation- and blatantly suggested that the grand jury in the case was tainted. I believe that it was this case that gave the False Memory Foundation it’s premise and that they have used what happened in Omaha to discredit other survivors in the future.

Gary Caradori was a Omaha prosecuting attorney who decided to investigate the claims that people- MANY MORE than just Bonnaci, were coming forward and relating. During a trip to Chicago with his son AJ, he made a call to his office and claimed he had definite proof that a child trafficking ring was going on and that it lead up to the first Bush White House, but his private plane blew up over Illinois when he was returning- and funny enough, Robert Wadman- who had left Omaha by then and taken a job in Illinois, was one of the first people on the scene. It was made out to be a coincidence that Caradori’s plane just happened to explode over the jurisdiction of one of the very men he was investigating and his investigation was forgotten. Caradori’s case is not a one of a kind situation either, as people should remember that the prosecuting attorney who was investigating Jerry Sandusky, a man by the name of Ray Gricar- disappeared with the hard drive from his lap top two years before. Unless people actually believe that Jerry Sandusky was involved with this, it seems to reason that there were others who were trying to keep Sandusky’s activities- and his connection to a child charity Second Mile High club, quiet- even though it was reported that children were being sold to the powerful and rich for sex.

The False Memory Foundation, founded by people like Ralph Underwager- who told a UK magazine called Padika that adults having sex with children was no big deal and was actually GOOD for the kids, and funded by the North American Man Boy Love Association- is desperately trying to associate our problem with child abductions and sex trafficking with Satanism- claiming that those who would fight to expose this are trying to start another “Witch hunt”, when really it has little to do with this and has more to do with a group of very powerful and rich people who are making TONS of money trafficking kids for sex. The reason why people are seeing this group all over the web writing articles like the one above is that now- with people like Jimmy Saville, Prince Andrew, and now Bill Clinton getting connected with this activity, this group is desperate to calm this situation down before it “gets out of hand”. However- the False Memory Foundation is stuck using the same old arguments- and times have changed.

It has been my experience that very rich and powerful people ARE practicing satanism- esp. in Omaha- as both my older sister and myself have attested. My older sister Cindy and older brother Stephen ALSO validated what our family was involved with- and neither of them had therapy OF ANY KIND. To say that EVERYONE who claims this type of abuse has been hypnotized, drugged, and manipulated by therapy is over reaching- and in the scope of the argument- doesn’t even make any sense. In fact- much of their arguments don’t make the grade as far as I am concerned. There are simple TOO MANY facts surrounding this to be disregarded- and it has more to do with child trafficking than satanism. Unless you believe that the media, therapists, or “satanic panic” killed Caradori and Gricar- which, in my opinion is ridiculous- then it MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE. There are simply too many facts involved to disregard the allegations as nothing more than “satanic panic”, and the question NOW is why was this argument used in the first place?

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  1. Kim

     /  January 7, 2015

    Good piece. Pretty sums it up.